H 464 Gov Otter’s Insurance Company Bail Out Targets Chronically Ill

H 464 Gov Otter’s Insurance Company Bail Out plans to move 2,000 chronically ill people from private insurance to Medicaid.
Learn More at https://healthfreedomidaho.org/h464-targets-chronically-ill

How does this save the government money???

See if you can follow the logic…when they move the chronically ill from private insurance to Medicaid it will cut down on the subsidies. How will they move all of these people to Medicaid? They will just refuse to renew the person’s subsidy if they don’t move to Medicaid. How will changing doctors, reduction of treatment options affect these individuals with chronic conditions? Are you (or a loved one) going to be affected? Do you know someone with breast cancer, autism, Child Metabolic & Endocrine disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Toxic Neuropathy, Chornoic Hepatitis, Lung Cancer, Brain Cancer...and other chronic/critical illnesses Contact Idaho Legislators and tell them to VOTE NO on H464

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