Lack of Disclosure of Immunization Exemptions HB133

House Bill 133 was heard on Wednesday morning in the House Health and Welfare Committee and will be heard on Feb 22 on the full house floor. 

This bill was sponsored by Representative Priscilla Giddings. It will require all the school notify parents and guardians of the immunization exemptions in the same manner parents are notified of the "requirement to immunize". Health Freedom Idaho receives dozens of messages each year from frantic parents who have received letters and phone calls from their children's school regarding vaccination status. Parents are threatened and bullied by staff demanding parents get their child's vaccines up-to-date within a certain timeframe under threat of exclusion from school. Most often the staff does not provide any disclosure of the availability of vaccine exemptions.

Below you will find just a small sample of the correspondence provided by the parents.Clearly, these forms of correspondence from the schools are designed to deceive and intimidate parents.

Certainly, you could agree that truth, transparency and full disclosure should come from our schools and administrators. 

There was only one testimony in objection from School Board Association declaring that, "Parents who object to immunizations are already aware of the exemptions. If they are not aware, information is readily available to them. In addition to the administrative burden this would put on school districts and charter schools, we fear it could cause an increase in parents choosing not to immunize simply out of convenience." 

During testimony Karen Echeverria, Executive Director said she believed that the schools were already disclosing the statute regarding immunization exemptions. 

Her belief is wrong. 

Here's are examples of what parents receive. There is NO notice of exemptions. 

UPDATE: This flyer received by HUNDREDS of area families. 

NO EXEMPTION NOTICES on the websites: 

NO EXEMPTION NOTICE ON Letters from the nurses:

Galileo STEM Academy in Eagle

NO EXEMPTIONS NOTICES Even from years ago:

NO EXEMPTION NOTICE on Flyers given at schools:

NO EXEMPTION NOTICES on Signs on the Buildings:

This is on the door McCain Middle School in Payette ID.

Middle School in Nampa, Id

Truth and Transparency prevailed in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

The votes in favor including Representative Chad Christensen is new in office and is already showing strong support for health freedom and parental rights. Representative John Green, Representative Bryan Zollinger, and Representative John Vander Woude all made it clear in the hearing today that laws should be transparent and understandable. 

Let’s vote in more like these representatives who understand the constitution and what it means to uphold it. #HFIdaho

CONTACT THE REPRESENTATIVES who will vote on it 22nd Feb 11 a.m.

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