Your Choice for Naturopathic Healthcare at Risk

The Naturopathic LIcensing Bill (formerly HB 152) is now called H 196. It creates a licensing status for naturopathic physicians who have graduated from an accredited naturopathic medical school (in Canada and the United States) and have passed an exam to fully practice naturopathic medicine in the state of Idaho. The bill would also create a Naturopathic Licensure Board. This board will be an advisory board to the Idaho Board of Medicine.

HFI stands in full opposition to this very discriminatory bill. It destroys Naturopathy and will eliminate the freedom of healthcare choice for thousands of people in Idaho.

UPDATE: Due to the public outcry these bills will NOT make it for a floor vote. They are 'dead'. A replacement bill has been written as a compromise. See the newest bill.  A video from Representative John Green on HB 224

Naturopathy uses natural substances such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and restorative therapy to heal the body. It is a very safe profession that hasn't hurt or killed anyone. In 20 years, there have been 16 cases of malpractice filed against naturalpatic practioners compared to the 253,000 cases against medical doctors. We have plenty of Medical Doctors, there isn't a shortage. People can choose to seek allopathic care. In fact our entire system is set up for people to seek allopathic care. What we do have a shortage of is good naturopathic doctors, and this bill will further create a disappearance of another modality which will help patients heal.



This licensing law would have medical doctors (whose training focuses on synthetic drugs and symptom management) as the overseers of our natural practitioners. Naturopathic medicine is a unique and separate practice based on principles of wholeness, restoration, prevention, supporting the intelligence of the body, and investigating the cause of an ailment. This bill places Idaho's allopathic medical board in control of regulating Naturopaths and naturopathic treatments available in Idaho. The medical board has no business governing and regulating a modality which it does not understand. The extremely limited to no nutritional training of a medical doctor does not qualify them to regulate the naturopathic profession and dictate the scope of all natural health practitioners.  


House Bill 196 creates a regulating body which sets the stage for insurance companies to dictate what naturopaths can and can't do in providing care. This will result in patients being provided with sub-optimal care.

It sets the stage for creating "Standard of Care" vs individualized patient care and innovation which we've watched destroy allopathic medicine. We are the richest country in the world, yet have the highest morbidity and mortality of all of the Western World.

 According to the statistics, medical doctors are 75% more likely to have a medical negligence suit filed against them than a naturopathic practitioner. Does it make sense to have medical doctors responsible for the 'safety' of procedures performed by naturopathic doctors?


Meanwhile, the majority of Idaho's Naturopaths who have been well-trained and have been healing Idahoans for it is well known, that there are equally, and in many cases superior, qualified naturopathic medical schools all over the world, with some teaching the most cutting edge treatments and care. Some of these foreign naturopathic medical schools are world-renown. This legislation permits licensure to only individuals in specific schools in North America.decades, will be at a great disadvantage.


This bill aims to pick winners and losers and bars equal entry into the marketplace by denying well-educated and well-trained naturopathic doctors the same opportunity to become licensed solely because they attended a naturopathic medical school outside of the U.S. or Canada or a school in the U.S. that isn't part of the 'inner circle".

A government-endorsed monopoly will put the majority of Idaho Naturopaths out of business - by some estimates, this will affect 80% of Idaho Naturopaths. And consumers will be the ones who suffer.

This is a critically important freedom of choice issue.

Regulations, restrictions and government interference in the free market will erode the diversity of Naturopathy traditions, it will lose its identity, and Idahoan's choice of natural health care will gradually disappear. In the name of safety, the medical board will regulate natural health care providers out of business. The irony is that, according to a John Hopkin's study, the medical profession is now responsible for being the 3rd leading cause of death, while natural health care is extremely safe.

Write a quick email to Legislators to tell them that this is NOT what you want. Use this link to email the Legislative Health & Welfare Committees.


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