Health, Freedom, Censorship, and Misinformation

Human rights' activists, parents, and those who care about the future of our children September is your opportunity to hear Leslie Manookian, Idaho resident, author, producer of The Greater Good and activist defend our parental right to decline vaccination, and the facts and science behind that choice. 

We are thrilled to have Leslie Manookian, MBA, M.L.C. Hom. speak at the 2019 Natural Health Symposium about  topics of health (vaccines, food, nutrition, homeopathy, and more) as they relate to our freedom and the orchestrated campaigns to misinform the public and eliminate our freedoms. As an activist, writer, speaker and board member of Health Freedom Idaho, she will encourage and challenge us in this new era of censorship and misinformation. 

Leslie Manookian writes and speaks on topics of health, freedom, parenting, personal development, politics and more. She is a former successful Wall Street business executive and award-winning documentary film producer and writer. She conceived, wrote and produced "The Greater Good" an award-winning documentary exploring vaccines. She has served on the board of the Weston A. Price Foundation and is a founding Board Member of Health Freedom Idaho. She is a qualified homeopath, nutrition and well being junky, and a health freedom advocate. She has been featured in dozens of TV, radio, print, and Internet interviews as well as appearing at numerous conferences. She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Middlebury College, and M.L.C.Hom from Lakeland College of Homeopathy.

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