5 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Health Goals in the New Year

It is widely known that upwards of 80 percent of New Year resolution enthusiasts ditch their goals by February. Sadly, if you are part of this statistic, you feel like a failure. You may not even try to make goals again. Or, even worse, you may make goals the following year only to get the same dismal result.
When you’re trying to get healthy and stay healthy long term – for the rest of your life, it’s important that you understand the best practices to make your goals a reality. Health Freedom Idaho is thrilled to hear from Jennifer, a Certified Essential Oil Coach and Health Coach with FeastingOnJoy.com as she shares five important strategies to empower success in healthy goal planning. 

1. Goal Reduction

Often, the very first problem come January first is you wrote too many goals down. It’s easy to add twenty goals to your list because, let’s face it, you’re enthusiastic and think you can conquer the world. Right? 

Instead of making twenty goals, or even ten, make 3-4 solid goals for the first 13 weeks of the year. It’s easier to see the light at the end of 13 weeks rather than 52 and when you are only setting 3-4 goals, they become surprisingly attainable. After that 13 weeks, create a new set of goals for the next 13 weeks.

2. A Methodical Approach

According to Antoine De Saint Exupery, an author around the time of World War II, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

In order experience goal achievement, not only do you need to write them down, you need to create a plan or tactics about exactly how you will accomplish your goals.

For example: Say one of your goals is to follow the GAPS Diet to heal your gut. You tactics might be listed out as follows:

1. Get all non-GAPS food out of the house

2. Create a menu plan with GAPS Diet Recipes

3. Purchase GAPS Diet Food

4. Prep GAPS Diet Food 

5. Eat GAPs Diet Meals for 30 days

3. Measure Your Goals

First, with any goal, you need to assign it a deadline. It could be 5 days, 1 month or even three months but it’s really important that your goal has an end date so that you can measure your success.

Second, with each goal there will be various areas of progress you will be tracking. If you’re doing an elimination diet you would be tracking

symptoms before, during and after eliminating a particular food or food group. If you are participating in a workout plan, you would track how many days a week you worked out and which body groups you worked. Or, your goal may simply be to drink more water. In that case, you would track your daily water intake.

This is my number one tracking tool for tracking and measuring health goal progress and staying organized with all the documents that are a part of a healing journey.

4. Stick with Reality

Just as important as minimizing the number of goals you set, is creating realistic goals that you can actually achieve. Now, this doesn’t mean that you create really easy goals that aren’t challenging at all. Instead, what you’re trying to accomplish should get you out of your comfort zone a bit and cause some discomfort. Remember, great things never come from comfort zones.

5. Get Your Dance On

Lastly, and central to producing the results you want, is to celebrate your victories! When you achieve a goal and see it to the end, it should be a momentous occasion. Plan a day out doing one of your favorite hobbies or a coffee date with a friend. Take a picture of what you did and archive it in the milestones and victories page here. The bottom line is do something to commemorate your accomplishment. It’s a big deal!

It’s easy to get overly zealous in the New Year and think you can accomplish the impossible when it comes to your health. Though you may be able to, the only way to effectively complete goals is to set your health goals wisely by only creating 3-4 goals per quarter, designing tactics for each goal you create, make your goals measurable and track your progress, set realistic goals and celebrate your victories.

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