Hemp-based CBD is legal in Idaho advocates say

Hemp-based CBD is legal in Idaho advocates say

Idaho Statesman did a great interview with Joel Bordeaux. Joel is the owner and founder of Global CBD LLC. He explains the truth of the legality of hemp both federally and in Idaho. He said, “To be removed from the definition of marijuana, in the controlled substance act, you have to be a hemp plant, stalk and stem, and have less than .3% THC (Well, he said .03% THC but he meant to say 0.3% THC. I confirmed with him that 0.3% THC is the accurate amount.)

Idaho needs a bill that protects the ALREADY LEGAL hemp derived CBD with naturally occurring THC of .3% or less while expanding freedom to access other forms of CBD with .3% or higher THC. Varying levels of CBD and THC are therapeutic for different illnesses. This is why it is so important not to limit this natural healing plant. 

Learn More About THC, HEMP and CBD

There is a lot to learn here in order to be prepared to defend your rights to access something as benign as CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. When we see such a desire to control something with proven useful, nourishing, and healing properties we must ask the all-important question, “WHY?” – Miste Karlfeldt, Health Freedom Idaho Executive Director






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