He’s healed from PDD, ADHD & more without meds

He’s  healed from PDD, ADHD & more without meds

Health Freedom Idaho: Evan’s story is amazing, and is possible for many more children! Health Freedom Idaho is committed to protecting our access to a variety of practitioners to meet our individual health needs. 

Evan began retreating into his own silent world, where he became anxious, and full of rage.  He had global developmental delays, with difficulty speaking, obsessions and compulsions, social, physical and academic difficulties. He developed blue circles under his eyes, and had difficulty sleeping.  His mother took him to doctors, and enrolled him in intensive therapies.  She knew medication would be introduced, but was concerned about the side effects.


Through extensive research Evan’s mother discovered that many children are out of balance biochemically and plagued by nutritional deficiencies.  The intestinal system becomes inflamed due to genetic mutations and food intolerance, which results in inflammation and prevents proper metabolic and brain functioning. So Evan’s mother began to focus on treating these imbalances through nutrition and integrative therapies.

Evan begins to get better through gut healing

With the help of a naturopath and other supportive doctors Evan’s gut began to heal, and he was able to absorb nutrients properly.  His family added in Eastern medicine treatments such as acupuncture, and saw improvement in all areas of development.

Evan healed from his PDD, ADHD, sensory issues and is now a healthy boy!

read more about his story at https://documentinghope.com/evan/

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