HFI Educates 100’s of moms-to-be

HFI Educates 100’s of moms-to-be

After a day of educating new moms on vaccines, I’m exhausted (seriously physically and emotionally exhausted!), but, I’m feeling so thankful for having had the opportunity to reach out to mothers who are seeking to learn more. I do think some babies may have been saved today.

One mother with a 2 month old baby boy was planning to take her son in for vaccines in the next couple of weeks. She had no idea about the things I told her and was shocked and so thankful for the information. I gave her a hug at the end because I was so happy she stopped by.

Another mom expressed that she was not happy about the doctors trying to pressure her to give her already chronically ill daughter the HPV vaccine. She didn’t know that the multidose meningococcal vaccine contains mercury.

A mama to-be stopped by and told me she hadn’t thought about vaccines yet. And she left with a lot of information and more to look into.

One father held his sweetly sleeping baby in his arms and listened to me speak about HFI and vaccines and how we are not given all the information we need to make an informed decision, and he thanked me as he left.

One grandmother to-be wanted me to speak to the rest of her family members so that they could hear about the risks of vaccinating also.

One couple listened to me go on and on, with facial expressions of surprise and astonishment as I talked to them about the ingredients and what they can do to the body.

Another mom looked appalled when I told her that the vaccine manufacturers are not liable for deaths or permanent harm from their vaccines and that it’s the only industry which has no liability for their products.

Another mom said her doctor would no longer take her child as a patient if she didn’t vaccinate, and I gave her the name of a pediatrician who would not push vaccines on her child.

One mother believed she wouldn’t be able to send her child to school without vaccines. Thankfully Idaho still has all three exemptions.

And more! I hope and pray that my words to them would sink in and that they will choose to investigate this further.

I will continue to inform and educate, and hopefully gain more warriors in this fight for true health and health freedom.


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