HFI in D.C. – Meeting with Representatives

HFI in D.C. – Meeting with Representatives

Learn which representatives listened to the people of Idaho and which dismissed our concerns.

Update from Miste Karlfeldt, Executive Director of Health Freedom Idaho. HFI leadership with Representative Christy Zito spent the day at the nation’s Capitol speaking to Idaho Representatives about health concerns including vaccine injury, CPS overstep and concerns about the lack of safety testing for 5G.

Material left behind for our elected officials and their staff by Health Freedom Idaho

5 Minute Activist – Show Your Support

Health Freedom Idaho discovered that Congressman Posey manages his own Facebook Page. Let’s show him how much we appriciate him! LIKE & FOLLOW Congressman Posey for his willingness to SPEAK TRUTH and hold our gov’t accountable. #supportthetruthspeakers

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