Homeopathy doesn't work? FTC orders product manufacturers to claim their products are useless

HFI note: this is a very sad state of affairs. Make sure to stand up for your rights to choose the food, medicine and procedures that you want in your body!

Excerpt from Natural News:

In recent days the Federal Trade Commission actually ordered all makers of homeopathic products to include labeling that states they don't actually work.

Mind you, the homeopathic market in the U.S. is massive. As reported by the UK's Independent, it is estimated that Americans spent $3 billion in 2007 alone on such treatments and remedies essentially created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann.

But now, Obama's bureaucracy is attempting to drive a stake in the heart of an extremely popular industry – and one that millions of Americans rely on for their health (and should be free to choose if that's what they want).

...And there is also this: The Food and Drug Administration admits that traditional medication errors account for at least one death every day, while injuring some 1.3 million people every year in the United States. In all, about 250,000 deaths annually are attributable to medication errors made by traditional practitioners of medicine. The ones the Obama FTC isn't interested in regulating.

Homeopathic medicine has no similar record of death.

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