Homeschool Teen Medically Kidnapped in Idaho

Homeschool Teen Medically Kidnapped in Idaho

Idaho resident Kristine, a homeschooling mother, brought her very sick child Brandon to the ER numerous times, and they keep sending him home. Tired of repeated trips to the ER and extremely worried about her son, Kristine says she urgently insisted that they provide other treatment for him. She knew something else was going on other than just the flu. Little did she know that urging for her son to be treated for more than the flu would involve CPS, accusations of medical neglect, educational neglect, and criminal charges against her. Its been six months, only limited weekly visits this single mom and her son want to be reunited.

UPDATE July 16 Hearing

Brandon still doesn’t get to go home. In fact, the court case has been continued until OCTOBER 2019. Mom was grateful that 

Brandon, aged 15, was admitted to St. Alphonsus in Nampa and then transferred to St. Alphonsus Pediatric Center in nearby Boise, Idaho. Medical records show that he was admitted with Influenza A, a positive result for Mono, abdominal pain, recent weight loss, as well as thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count), and leukopenia (low white blood cell count).  

Over the next two days, Kristine watched her son suffer. It was often necessary for her to help him out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Brandon was given a walker so that he could navigate the hallways and receive some exercise.

Brandon was then transferred to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise. Mom was told that it was because there was nothing else St. Al’s could do for him, and he needed testing for cystic fibrosis, a respiratory disorder that can result in extreme malnutrition due to digestion issues.

However, according to medical records of Dr. Amy Barton, a child abuse specialist that works for St. Luke’s through their Children At Risk Evaluation Services (CARES), the actual purpose for the transfer was to put Brandon into her care of Dr. Barton to determine whether or not his condition was medical abuse vs. medical neglect.

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Educational Neglect Alleged Due to Homeschooling

Another allegation that CPS suddenly decided to throw at Kristine is that Brandon has been homeschooled for his entire life. The Department now alleges that Brandon’s education was neglected, because he was homeschooled, and has requested an educational evaluation, despite that he has a history of being in the gifted and talented programs through his online homeschool in Oregon.

The Department is also requesting that Brandon begin high school again as a freshman at Homedale High School this September, despite that he has graduated through homeschool with the appropriate amount of credits at the end of this last school year.

Read the full history with doctors and staff names at Medical Kidnap Homeschooled Teenager with Celiac & Scoliosis Medically Kidnapped at Idaho Children’s Hospital – Mother Wrongfully Accused of Medical Abuse & Educational Neglect.

Mom is fighting for her son and NEEDS YOUR HELP

Kristine has filed for a new evidentiary hearing and a new adjudication, asserting that misinformation and hearsay is perverting the court record. Kristine hopes that maybe her voice will finally be heard by Judge Tucker this time around. If not by the judge, then at least by someone with the power to do something about what is happening with her son.

Kristine appears in court next on July 16th, for the 6-month review hearing, and to hear the motions she has recently filed. She expects that this will be a battle, but isn’t afraid. She says,

“I will not quit fighting until my son is home again, where he belongs.”

His own words! This boy wants to go home! 

Listening to the full interview between CARES and Brandon, it is very obvious that key information was left out of Dr. Barton’s report, perhaps intentionally. 

In the almost hour-long interrogation with Michelle Borgquist, Brandon states several times that nothing is wrong at home, his mother takes care of him, they do things outside of the house, and that he has plenty of access to food. 

The interview begins with Michelle telling Brandon that they are in her “Talking Room” so that she can ask him questions and he can feel safe answering them. She makes him promise that he will tell the truth. Brandon agrees and then proceeds to answer her questions.

When asked about things that he enjoys doing, Brandon answers include badminton, bowling, golf, chess, video games, board games, as well as several other outside activities. 

At approximately 8m:45s into the interview, Brandon is asked if he can think of anything that has happened recently that made him sad or unhappy. Brandon answers, “Not being able to be with my family.”

How you can help

Support the Family – .
Financially Support Brandon’s desire to have a new attorney who will advocate on his behalf. Petition –

Court Support & Rally – July 16th 2019 1:30 to 5:00 PM
Juvenile Justice Center
222 N 12th Ave, Caldwell, Idaho 83607


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