107,000 Americans Die EVERY YEAR from “Properly Prescribed” Medication

107,000 Americans Die EVERY YEAR from “Properly Prescribed” Medication

How does a U.S. doctor get on the terrorist watch list, no-fly list and ‘do not employ’ list? Simply because she didn’t force the ‘standard of care’ on her patients, instead gave them informed consent and she allowed people to pick and their intervention. She noted that most people tried natural dosages first. She says she got irate visits from drug companies, in spite of the fact that her death rates went to zero!!!! By the time the Government officials ‘caught up’ with her, she had a drug free practice. She was threatened by insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies for not prescribing drugs to her patients. Fortunately, for her patients, she didn’t give in to the pressure. Unfortunately for her, she was forced out of the country. She still teaches and interviews from her new home in Panama.

Dr. Daniels reveals the truth about how dangerous pharmaceuticals have killed more than 100,000 people in America every year and why you should use natural solutions and supplements instead of dangerous pharmaceuticals. 

Here is how she says the insane process starts. Doctors get mail from a pharmaceutical company about a particular drug in the mail. For a given medicine, the letter will speak of the side effects, dosages, a so forth, of the drug.

As an example, she goes on to show an actual letter she received which stated the drug might cause liver failure, she says the notes frequently indicate that one of the side effects of the drug can be, plain and simple, “Death.”

Dr. Daniels now has a dilemma on her hands, because she realized her patients could wind up dead if she prescribes these drugs. She tried to counter this danger by prescribing dosages much less than a pharmaceutical company’s suggested dosage, as in 1/8 of the dosage or less.

She would also recommend less frequent intakes of the drugs time-wise, as in advising a patient to take the drug once a week or month as opposed to daily.

She also said that so many patients were dying from drugs, she began a policy of only administering a drug if she had substantial evidence that the number of deaths from the drug was less than 1 in 10,000.


Dr. Daniels also, exposed that placebo control trials on adult medicines are somewhat of a joke, as an example, a drug for adults and/or the elderly, could have been tested on teens. Drugs prescribed to women, only tested on men and so forth.

Drug studies remove patients who died during the study. Consider what this means. The only time a drug can be determined to cause death is after the drug has been released to the market.

Dr. Daniels also reveals what she calls a “Dirty little secret” about placebo pills, in that placebo is not a sugar pill, it could be anything. The reason? Because the testers desire the placebo to be a lower dosage of the actual drug. They want the side effect profile of placebo to be the same as the side effect of the drug being tested.


Some of the letters from drug companies about dosages and side effects of drugs are in such fine print and so lengthy, important drug info is often not even legible.

Dr. Daniels says that, along with the prescribed medication, the patient gets a page on the medicine, but not the vital info about the possibility of death. She says it is too labor intensive to copy those pages and often it is not legible, so doctors don’t bother.

She also exposes that doctors are told what to or what not to share with the patient, because ”supposedly,” the patient may not know how to handle that type of information.

She poses the question, “Why should drug companies inform doctors at all?”. She answers that basically “If the patient dies and family sues, then the pharmaceutical company is not liable, only the doctor is liable.”

In an almost “sinister” revelation, Dr. Daniels said that doctors are told via instructions only to terminate medication ONLY if the patient is urinating black and defecating grey, symptoms that imply liver failure, a signal that the patient is near death. She also noted that most patients that died were, as she called it, “fully medicated”.

Dr. Daniels goes on to speak on the apparent logic that many of us already surmise, when she asks the listener to imagine the impact on the drug company’s profits if doctors took it upon themselves in subscribing minimum or reduced dosages, and thus doctors are instructed to administer what is often a lethal dose.

Another almost “sinister” practice in drug studies is to remove patients who died during the study. Consider what this means. The only time a drug can be determined to cause death is after the drug has been released to the market.

She noted that most people tried natural dosages first. She says she got irate visits from drug companies, even though her death rates went to zero!!!!

Take Charge: What can patients on prescribed drugs should do.
Here is the advice from Dr. Daniels:

  • If doctor prescribes medications, ask for package insert and read adverse reactions. DO NOT ACCEPT THE PATIENT LEAFLET, because it has been fully inspected by the Public Relations Department, and references to death have been deleted.
  • Ask doctor have there been deaths from drug, and if he says he doesn’t know, then that is a warning flag and bad sign, because it implies he hasn’t read packet insert.
  •  If deaths from a drug were caused at same dosage, you were prescribed for, inquire about lower dosage.
  • Inquire about time frame of deaths from the beginning if taking the drug, as in, “was death 1 week out, one month, half year?” She says often deaths are one week into dosing.
  •  Inquire about alternate medications
  • Only deal with drugs that have been on market for 3 years (to allow for availability of death data on that drug)
  • In her words, she suggests to “Ask Dr. Google”, enter your medication with the word DEATH

Article and commentary first appeared at http://www.gaiahealthblog.com/2013/07/06/murder-by-medicine-is-no-accident-says-dr-jennifer-daniels/

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