How Can They Just Change The Rules Like That?!

How Can They Just Change The Rules Like That?!

Did you see the new rules? The Health Department is busy this summer and your IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NEEDED! This Thursday and Friday, you the citizen, has the opportunity to use voice and direct the outcome of the rules that affect your family. Our state government is structured in a way that the statutes are voted upon by the Legislature from January to March of each year. The rules (application of those statutes) are directed by the individual state departments throughout the rest of the year. These rules are made up by the departments, but they require public meetings. However, when the public doesn’t attend and our concerns aren’t voiced, the rule changes can seriously impact our daily lives of the citizens. There are two rules they are proposing. One we can get behind and the other needs strong opposition. Please join us! Be Prepared to Testify for 3 minutes. Public speaking IS NOT REQUIRE! Just come support those who are testifying, you submit your written testimony. You can do so Anonymously if you wish!

How to Testify

STEP 2: ATTEND THE RULEMAKING MEETING this Thursday and Friday the Health Department will be hosting a rule making meeting. They held one yesterday, and look how empty it was. It’s time to change that!

Join Us!

THIS Thursday, July 12, 2018 
10 a.m. Exemption form discussion 
<they break for lunch>
1 p.m. (new vaccine requirement discussion) 
BOISE AREA: Meridian Courtyard by Marriott Balboa meeting room 1789 South Eagle Road Meridian, ID 83642

THIS Friday, July 13, 2018 
8 a.m. Exemption Form Discussion
10:30 New Vaccine Requirement Discussion
Idaho Falls Hampton Inn(at the mall)Hampton Bay meeting room 2500 Channing Way Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Voice your approval for the temporary rule that clarifies the use of a parental written statement for vaccine exemptions for school and daycare. Changes to IDAPA 16.02.15 Immunizations

Idaho legislators and interested stakeholders have identified the need to clarify this rule to ensure that the immunization exemption/opt-out language therein is consistent with Section 39-4802, Idaho Code, and legislative intent.This rulemaking adds language clarifying that parents requesting an immunization exemption may do so either on the Department’s standard form or in a written, signed statement indicating their choice to exempt their child from immunization requirements.
See our article about the vaccine exemption form problems

*This rule has been added temporarily in order to help parents enroll in school and daycare programs. We must still voice our approval so that it will remain.

Voice Your Disapproval for the increased vaccine requirements for high schools students.

The Department invites interested stakeholders to participate in negotiated rulemaking for this chapter, IDAPA16.02.15, “Immunization Requirements for Idaho School Children.” The purpose of this rulemaking is to add a new school entry immunization requirement to require a second dose of meningococcal (MenACWY) vaccination beforea student enters the 12th grade in Idaho, starting with school year 2020-2021. If a student received their first dose ofmeningococcal (MenACWY) vaccine at 16 years of age or older, they will not be required to receive the second dosebefore entry into the 12th grade.

Learn More about the Ineffectiveness of the Vaccine
In 2015 there were a total of 375 cases NATIONWIDE. In 2016 it reached a historic low rate of .12 per 100,000 people a total of 370 cases nationwide.

CDC reports that those in College who had meningitis 92% were vaccinated.
CDC reports that adverse reactions to the vaccine .3%.

 These are the figures for New York, doing the math – how would they compare to Idaho? 



Persons wishing to participate in the negotiated rulemaking may do any of the following:

1. Attend or call in to the negotiated rulemaking meetings as scheduled above;

2. Provide oral or written recommendations, or both, at the negotiated rulemaking meetings; or

3. Submit written recommendations and comments to this address on or before Friday, July 13, 2018:

Send to: Hand deliver to:Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Division of Public Health Division of Public Health

Attn: Rafe Hewett, Health Program Manager
P.O. Box 83720 450 West State Street, 4th Floor Boise, ID 83720-0036 

Rafe Hewett at (208) 334-5942

Freedom requires self-discipline, and it begins with our understanding of how our State and Federal Government are structured and becoming involved in the statutes and rules that are created by them. We hope to make it easy to participate and protect your health freedoms in Idaho. 

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