How to Choose High Quality Essential Oils

Essential Oils! Ha, got your attention. That is the big buzz word these days. Everyone is using them. They are the "in" thing to be using these days. There is a good reason for that! They are able to help with many different issues. Of course with so many oils out there and every company jumping on the wagon it is so important to know and trust the company you purchase from. Yes, they all claim to be the purest and best but how do we know that for sure?  Many trusted companies and big names have been found to be not so pure and not so trustworthy. This has been seen by people who are independently raising money to test oils and ensure they are what is labeled on the bottle. Many times they are not. So that leaves us with a dilemma of finding high quality oils to help meet our family's healing needs.

Who am I?

I have been an essential oil user for over 20 years. I started out making flea and tick repellent for my dogs. I have always felt like a kid in a candy store when I open my oil boxes. Which one will I pick today? All giddy feeling! You know that feeling?!  I love that I can help my kids with oils. But I did learn a big lesson a while ago that even though they come from natural material they are essentially man-made chemicals. Which means they can injure people if not used correctly. This lesson spurred me to pursue an aromatherapy certification and to continue learning and to help others learn to safely use essential oils especially mothers. There are three points that are critical when choosing an essential oil company and using their products.

Do you know what to look for in an oil company?

Fortunately and unfortunately essential oils are not regulated at this point. Therefore what goes into the bottle that you buy there is no way for you to know what is really in there. There have been many discussions on how to know if you can trust a company and what to look for. At this point in all honesty it's a tough thing to do. The best way is to establish a working relationship with the oil company you purchase from. Question them! Make sure they are being transparent. Ask if you can see the batch specific GCMS report. If they say yes make sure it is the full report and not just partial. Yes there are companies that have their own standards which sound great but often it is their own standard and is not checked by a third party all the time.

Are they connected with an aromatherapy institute (AIA or NAHA)? Do they list the proper information on the bottle? (name, botanical name, country of origin)? The botanical name is so important because there can be so many different varieties of the same plant. It could make a huge difference with it being kids safe (thyme ct. Thymol can burn skin like oregano versus thyme ct. Linalool which is more gentler) and also how you react to it (lavender spike which generally is good for respiratory but makes many people hyper versus lavender angustifolia which usually calms people and is safer for kids). Many companies are not listing this information.

Of course another very overlooked oil “need” is to look at if the oil will sufficiently do it's job. Many companies have sources where they get their oil from they usually only check that the oil is pure but what they don't check is that the chemical constituents are correct for what is needed to do the job it is supposed to. Therefore you end up with a tea tree that is not gentle and can cause burning. This is where it is important to have an aromatherapist on staff to be able to check the GCMS report to ensure that the chemical make up of the oil is correct for its usage.


There are so many companies and people that are spreading around unsafe usage information causing people and especially children to get hurt!!! There are two ways that are the most beneficial ways to use essential oils. The first is to put the oil directly on the area needed (of course mixed properly with carrier oil to prevent sensitization and/or burning). If you have a sore muscle apply oil to the muscle area.  The second is diffusion. If you have respiratory issues then diffuse the oil and breath it in to reach your lungs. These two ways will help with probably 90% of what ails people.  

People are so into ingesting which is actually hurting your liver. Oils are hard on the liver and by diffusing or applying topically you are bypassing the liver and getting just as much benefit. There are some times when you have exhausted your options that ingesting may be the way to go but often when you get to that point you are in need of some professional help.

I have learned to, if possible, start with the most gentle oil so you have options to go up to if needed. When my kids get sick I always start with Ravintsara or a Wellness blend. These are gentle, kid safe blends.  These oils and some supporting products work so well 90% of the time I have never had to treat them with harsh oils like oregano, cinnamon, or clove which in children especially are very toxic to their bodies. Leave the big guns for when they are really needed (life or death situations/sicknesses).

Usage tidbits

I feel so blessed to be able to know how to treat my children without having to rely on doctors to diagnose and give me prescriptions or over the counter meds that end up harming them. I do believe there is a place for doctors and I will take my kids in if my treatment does not work quickly. So far I have not had to do that!!!  I love that I can help my kids when they come to me in the middle of the night and they are scared. Oils are amazing for emotional issues as well.

Now while I believe in the healing powers of essential oils I also believe they will not help with every issue and I believe when used in conjunction with other natural products they can really amplify the healing process. So when I say "Hey I got an oil for that!. . . . . " it is usually followed with "and you will also need some clay, biominerals, and a carrier oil" mainly because of these all support each other and help the process go faster. I am also one that will let you know “Hmmm, let me check but I am not sure we have an oil for that.” Which is rare but it comes down to I am not going to steer you in a direction that is not needed.

While I could spout off all day about protocols for this and that and give you tips but the FDA does frown upon that. So I can give you some general clues if you are looking for blends to help you get through cold and flu season.

Look for our Wellness blends and we do have an elderberry kit.

Aromatherapist's choice

I AM A PRODUCT OF THE PRODUCT! I use these products daily on myself and my family. I believe in these products! I work with two sister companies that have the best products I have found. I have been working with this company for almost 5 years and believe in these products and stand behind them. The big things I need in a company is transparency, safety, and products that are the best quality and work! That is what I have!

These two companies offer their third-party tested GCMS reports to anyone that wants to request them. We have a vintage aromatherapist on staff who goes through all the GCMS reports and makes sure the oils are pure and can do the job they are meant to do. This company offers safe usage recommendations. Each oil has a data sheet that tells you how to use the oil, what it can be used for, safety concerns, and so much more.

We have a whole line of child/elderly safe oil blends along with an animal safe line of blends that have been created specifically for these groups. It is not a one size fits all with essential oils. Children, elderly, and animals do not do well with many of the strong oils. Also the oils are marked in categories so you know how to use them. This company breaks down a lot of the information so you don’t have to have 400 hours of education to be able to safely use oils.  

Learn more about the company and products at

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