Idaho CPS Traumatizing Innocent Families

Idaho CPS Traumatizing Innocent Families

Parents are rising up everywhere to seek an end to the often unlawful and traumatizing or damaging effects CPS has on families and children.In 2017, the US had 269,318 children in the foster care system.  

As a result of Idaho CPS investigations in 2018, 1,374 Idaho children were separated from their families and placed into the Department’s custody, and of those, 66% were eventually returned to their homes but only after much trauma inflicted on the family by the government workers. 

That’s a lot of children in a system that is proven to be less safe than in their own homes.

 – Miste Karlfeldt, Executive Director Health Freedom Idaho

These are the numbers that represent the lives of innocent children and traumatized parents.

How many of these children were traumatized worse from being removed from their situation than they would have been if they were able to stay with their parent(s)?

What is the bounty CPS gets paid for every child they kidnap? 

How many children are actually helped, and don’t end up with addiction issues, depression, suicidal thoughts or committing suicide, and/or are in and out of jail/juvenile detention centers? 

How many children kidnapped by CPS end up on mood and behavior altering drugs, destroying the chemical make up of their body forever?

Last year, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare conducted 10,159 investigations based on referrals for child abuse, neglect or abandonment out of 23,599 referrals made to the department. In Idaho, it is mandatory that every person report suspected child abuse or neglect, which creates the huge number of referrals.

CPS social workers or law enforcement attempted comprehensive safety assessments at 4% of the Idaho households with children under the age of 18.

In every one of those cases, CPS told the parents that they must submit to questioning, entry to their home, and that they must submit their children to the questioning and examination of the children by government workers outside of the presence of the parents.

Idaho CPS social workers say that “nobody ever questions” these intrusions into the family home and the privacy of the relationship between parents and children.

But, because of the Constitution of the United States, it is simply not the law that parents must obey every demand of CPS

Just because the Department rules require CPS workers to attempt to infiltrate your home and family life does not mean you have to allow the invasion.

The fact is that abuse and neglect under Idaho’s Child Protective Act is over-reported and exaggerated. Many of the calls are anonymous, and after investigation, fully 83% of the investigations (8,432 in 2018) are found “unsubstantiated, meaning there was no abuse or neglect.

In their attempt to investigate, CPS social workers working for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare frequently use coercive tactics, like showing up with law enforcement officers and telling parents they must cooperate, or they could lose custody of their own children. The Department frequently shows up at odd times, like on a Friday evening or even on holidays.

That is because their rules require that they investigate priority 1 and 2 referrals either immediately or within 24 hours. And CPS social workers will never confine themselves to just investigating the nature of the original referral. Their “comprehensive safety assessment” means they will stray far and wide from the referral to investigate and explore everything about you and your family relationships, including your parenting philosophies and how often and what types of foods everyone eats.

As a result of their investigations in 2018, 1,374 Idaho children were taken from their parents and placed into the Department’s custody, and of those, 66% were eventually returned to their homes but only after much trauma inflicted on the family by the government workers.

In almost every CPS case, especially the 83% that are unsubstantiated, the parents and the children suffer various forms of shame, fear, stress, trauma, self-doubt, and even depression as a result of the investigation. 

If parents know their rights, and begin to exercise their rights, they will be empowered against an over-reaching department, and even if the Department continues to attempt its intrusions, at least individual parents will be empowered to operate on a more level playing field. 

The goal is to equip you to handle Idaho CPS and law enforcement in these CPS investigations.



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