Idaho's Faith Healing Exemption

Idaho's contentious faith-healing exemption statute, allows families to cite religious reasons for medical decisions without fear of being charged with neglect or abuse. In recent years there has been a push from an out of state vaccine advocate using a vocal minority organization to change this statute, thereby allowing the prosecution of parents who do not use 'standard treatment' protocol for their children. 

Health Freedom Idaho doesn't take a position on the "faith healing" aspect per se as much as a government mandate and their involvement of the health/medical care of children. The government should not have the power to determine a parents choice of care over the child.

Year after year, legislation has been brought up by an organization to force parental compliance to state standards of medical care. Each year, legislators have responded saying the protection of religious freedom and parental authority must be upheld in Idaho. The statistics from the governor's task force to determine causes of death for Idaho children revealed that more children die under a doctor's care than those who have never received treatment. 

Where is the Pressure to Change Statue Coming From?

The Faith Healing Exemption discussion and the subsequent work group sessions were driven by the media campaign founded upon a false narrative and bogus statistics which has been promoted by an out-of-state mandatory vaccination statute advocate. Ultimately the nature of the driving force behind this movement revealed the practice to force compliance of government mandated treatments by CPS and Health and Welfare.

These are the THREE PRIMARY CONCERNS which lead to the involvement of Health Freedom Idaho.

1. The use of FALSE NEWS to manipulate public opinion.

A False Narrative and unsubstantiated statistics are being used in paid advertisements and at new media outlets.

The "Let Them Live" media campaign is driven by a false narrative of an Idaho woman who claims her rare heart condition was not treated by her parent's involvement in a religious sect that refuses all medical treatment for their children. Mariah Walton's mother has refuted the claim that she was trying to treat her  daughter's health condition with prayer. Mariah's parents were UNAWARE of the rare heart defect. They used holistic care, chiropractic care as well as prayer to provide for their daughter's asthmatic childhood symptoms. Bruce Wingate, April Hoy and other leaders of the campaign have been made aware that Mariah's condition should not be construed as 'faith healing', yet they continue to promote the false narrative for political gain.
See Sara Walton Brady's testimony at Child At Risk:Faith Healing Exemption Workgroup 

Recently Bruce Wingate stated on his website that due to the fact they were unsuccessful in the Legislature to pass laws, they should manipulate public opinion. Their organization walked three graveyards in Idaho and gathered names birth and death dates since 1971 and tout that these children would have lived had they been to a doctor. They fail to mention that they have little documentation to the cause of death nor do they reveal the fact that their numbers span the course of three decades. All the deaths from the Followers of Christ are seen by the coroner and she has noted their cause of death which are included in Idaho's death statistics. However, they aren't concerned with stating facts. Their own website reveals plans to hire the media, created emotionally driven campaign based on false statistics, in hope to pressure the Legislature to change the statute reducing parental authority in making medical decisions the lives of our children.

2. Paul Offit's involvement in changing Idaho's exemption. (see our Article on Offit's Campaign in Idaho) See commenting that parents who don't comply with his opinion on vaccines should have their children removed by the State.

Offit, an outspoken promoter of vaccine mandates, has recently campaigned for the removal of parental authority, claiming that a child should be removed from parents and forced into government mandated vaccines. Offits video

3. Revelation of Ada County Prosecutor's opinion that children should be treated by force under threat of CPS. 

2016 - the Governor's Taskforce on this subject brought to light the true motivation of individuals who would have the authority to prosecute parents for the medical treatment choices made for their children. 

This revelation is most disturbing to Health Freedom Idaho members and to Idaho's citizens. Loving parents who actively seek health and healing through means that don't line up with the AMA, are being forced by the courts to follow a standard of treatment that isn't guaranteed to be effective or safe.
Watch her testimony:

The senate bill 1182 did NOT PASS due to the concerted efforts citizens and Health Freedom Idaho for bringing to light the dangers of legislation that dictates a 'proper course of treatment' and medical care.

Idaho citizens are liberty minded individuals who realize that our state is great because of our willingness to protect the freedoms of others even if their opinions differ than our. Our legislators are intelligent and hard working and won't be duped by false news and media manipulation. 

Next time you read an article in Boise Weekly, take a moment to comment and enlighten others reading the same article.

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