Idaho Legislative Bill Watch

Idaho Legislative Bill Watch

It’s the fifth week of the 2021 Legislative session. Many of our liberty-minded legislators have sent out newsletters letting citizens know their frustration at the games being played and the lack of desire from many in the legislature to stop the overreach of the Governor. Last week the governor threw a childish tantrum fit chastising your representative’s efforts to remove his 30-day ’emergency power’ that has now moved into the 11 month.

Remember that unlike the ‘proclamation’ power that is being wielded by our governor, the legislature has a specific constitutional process to follow.

  • A bill is created
  • A print hearing is held
  • A full committee hearing is held
  • The bill moves to the floor session for a vote by the entire Senate or House
  • This process continues in the other body, Senate or House


You can find your legislators by visiting the Idaho Legislature website.  Please note the Who Is My Legislator? link on the top right of the main page. You can enter your address and zip code so the website can identify your Senator and Representatives. 
Click on your Senator’s or Representative’s picture and you will see all the contact information you need to get in touch with them. 
Click on the email address and you can send them an email right there. Another good place to go is the List of Legislators in the Senate and House
You can see bios for the legislators and click the links to subscribe to their weekly newsletters.


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2021 Bills

This year many bills are being pushed through that aren’t representative of the people’s voice but instead that of special interests.

Here are some bills that Health Freedom Idaho is following that are specifically written in a attempt to protect parental rights, preserve liberty and restore our republic form of government with balanced branch powers.

Some of these bills are ‘foot in the door’ type of bills. In an effort to get the bill printed and heard in committee the bill doesn’t affect ‘too much change’. There IS a possibility that the bill can be amended in committee. Listen to more about the bills in this video update by Sarah Clendenon and Miste Karlfeldt.

House Bills:

H1     Governor’s Powers in Emergency          House State Affairs
Jason  A.  Monks (R)
This proposed legislation restores the separation and balance of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government. Specifically, this legislation ensures that all Idahoans have the right to work, provide
for their families and contribute to the economy during any emergency disaster declaration. The legislation also limits the length of emergency disaster declarations to a maximum of 30 days unless extended by a
legislative concurrent resolution.

H 03/ H77 The Reasonable Childhood Independence Act House State Affairs
Ron  Nate (R)

From Bill’s Statement of Purpose: The Reasonable Childhood Independence Act. Currently, Idaho’s open-ended definition of neglect leaves parents exposed to frivolous allegations of neglect or even unnecessary actions taken by authorities. As the law stands, parents could get into trouble just for letting their kids play outside. This Act will protect families across the economic spectrum by affirming parents’ rights.

H4      Parental Rights in Disasters              House Judiciary and Rules
Sage  G.  Dixon (R)

This legislation further defines Idaho’s Parental Rights statutes to state that emergency order, disaster declaration, etc. cannot be deemed a compelling government interest that would allow abridgment of parental
rights as described in 32-1013.

H 033 PUBLIC HEALTH – Amends existing law
Megan  Blanksma (R)

*currently the health districts have been giving the ‘authority to do anything’ in the name of public health. This is an attempt to “reduce” some of their powers.

H 33 PUBLIC HEALTH – Amends existing law to provide for review of a district board of health’s actions, decisions, or orders, to provide that first and second violations of public health laws shall be infractions, and to provide that order of quarantine or isolation shall be effective no more than 30 days unless an extension is approved by affected counties or cities.

We would like to highlight that the first and second violations of a ‘public health law’ shall be infractions. The third violation is a misdemeanor with a $1000 fine. *think about this in relation to mask mandates

An order of isolation or quarantine shall be effective no more than 30 days unless an extension is approved by affected counties or cities.

H34/74 Health Emergency Ordinances Limited to City Limits 
Amends existing law to limit the application of health ordinances to city limits. Note: This one could have everyone fleeing the cities to move out to the county! And this one appears to be a repeat of H0074

H 040 Pharmacy Act

Amends, repeals, and adds to existing law to update the Idaho Pharmacy Act (to bring into compliance with federal law). Allows pharmacists to “repackage” drugs. Destroy vaccine inserts!!!! Allows a middleman (like Amazon) to deliver drugs. 

H63    Vaccination Freedom                    House Ways and Means
Tammy  Nichols (R)

This legislation establishes provisions regarding mandates and use of force with any vaccination, immunization, genetic modulation, or inoculation of any person.

H67 During Declared Emergency -Schools choose when/if they close
Gayann  DeMordaunt (R)
Ryan  Kerby (R)

Amends and adds to existing law to clarify who has the authority to close schools or limit school activities or programs for the purpose of stopping the spread of infectious disease. Note: This one clarifies that the area’s health district has complete dictatorial powers in a health emergency without having to prove the existence of a health emergency or have science backing their claim.

RS 28413 (bill number and text not yet available) was introduced this morning by House Minority Leader Rep. Ilana Rubel (D-Boise) and Rep. Mike Kingsley (R-Lewiston) in the House Health and Welfare Committee. Called the “Sgt. Kitzhaber Medical Cannabis Act” it is a medically regulated cannabis bill that would move from a Schedule I illegal drug in Idaho to a Schedule II drug, available only by prescription in strictly limited and packaged amounts, for patients 21 or older with certain specific diagnoses, including cancer, ALS, AIDS, wasting syndrome, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, debilitating seizures, and terminal illness. Most patients could be prescribed only up to 2 grams of THC per month; those with cancer or terminal illness could be prescribed up to 10 grams per month. No growing or production of cannabis in Idaho would be permitted.


The resolutions sound good on paper but have no authority to effect change or END the state of emergency. Listen to the video from Miste and Sarah for further clarification.

HCR1    Resolution to End Emergency             House State Affairs
HCR2    Gatherings and Group Size               Senate State Affairs
HJR1    Legislature Calling Sessions              Senate State Affairs

Senate Bills:

S1001   Disaster, Governor Powers              Senate State Affairs

S1002   Disaster, Governor Spending Powers      Senate State Affairs

S1003   Governor Powers, Martial Law            Senate State Affairs


SCR101  Terminating Disaster Emergency          Senate State Affairs


SJR101  Psychoactive Drugs Constitutional Amendment          
Senate 3rd Reading  S1068 
(read the HFI write up on this bill here:

Mandatory Adjournment Date: This requires the legislature to adjourn on the last Friday in March. Most legislators do not want a full-time legislature but prefer to adjourn expeditiously to get back to their families and jobs. As there are ongoing emergency declarations and the state is receiving billions of dollars from the federal government, the legislature should probably consider staying in session this year. Should the legislature adjourn no matter what, or remain flexible enough to handle the ongoing flood of federal funding and new executive orders?  

updated Feb 8, 2021

for a listing of additional bills and their ‘freedom impact’ check out
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