Idaho Legislators Preview 2018

Health Freedom Idaho Executive Director, Miste Karlfeldt introduces liberty loving legislators as they share their insight into the process, the problems and their goals for the 2018 legislative session in Idaho. Their topics include education, 2nd amendment rights, parental rights, health freedom, citizen liberty, land rights and the need for citizen support to keeping our state government in check and our liberties preserved. Hear from: Rep. Priscilla Giddings, Rep Bryan Zollinger, Rep Dorthy Moon, Rep Christy Zito, Sen Dan Foreman, Rep Heather Scott, Rep Ron Nate, Rep Karey Hanks, Sen Tony Potts

recorded by Redoubt News in Meridian Idaho January 4, 2018.

The way we get involved is by DOING SOMETHING. Not everyone will be a legislator. With help, showing up at hearings, share your experience, you can effect change. Your next step, get involved! - Senator Potts

This content originally appeared on YouTube.

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