Idaho Legislature 2018 Email Contact List

Idaho Legislature 2018 Email Contact List

Elected officials view their constituents as “resources” and want to hear from them. They need input from their constituents to gauge positions on a piece of legislation and determine how it will impact their district. It also assists in how a legislator will vote on an issue. Here is the 2018 email lists for the Senators and Representatives in Idaho.

Tips for effectively writing your state Senators and Representatives 

  • Use your own words. 
  • If possible, give an example of ways the relevant legislation will impact you personally. Make your position clear and state what you would like your legislator to do. Be brief and to the point.
  • Identify a bill by number and title. 
  • Form letters or postcards are not as effective as an original letter. 
  • Be courteous. 
  • Even if you disagree, never be angry, threatening or rude. 
  • Ask the legislator to reply and explain his or her position on the issue. 
  • After you send your letter Keep track of how your legislator votes.
  • Follow up with a thank you note or a letter expressing disappointment depending on how he or she votes.

Remember to contact your legislator in support of their actions when appropriate. Often, legislators only hear from individuals and organizations opposed to legislation. It is refreshing for them to receive positive messages from the constituents they are working to represent.

CALL TO ACTION! Email all Legislators. 

Often times, a call-to-action will be requested from Health Freedom Idaho to email ALL Senators or ALL Representatives as they prepare for their final vote on a bill.  We have discovered that its not possible to send one single email to everyone due to the spam filters. You can still send an email to each Senator/Representative it will require that you 

1. Create several identical emails.

2. Copy a group list for each individual email.

3. Send the emails separately to each group.

Senate Group 1,,,,,,,,,,,

Senate Group 2,,,,,,,,,,,

Senate Group 3,,,,,,,,,,,

Email each group of Representatives separately to avoid the spam filters. 




REPRESENTATIVES GROUP 3, , , , , , , , ,






REPRESENTATIVES GROUP 6 ,, , , , , , , ,


REPRESENTATIVES GROUP 7, , , , , , , , , 

Did you hear back from a Senator or Representative. SHARE with Health Freedom Idaho. You can either forward the email to or comment on the Call To Action page their response on a specific bill. 

Remember, this is your opportunity to actively participate in the statutes created that will effect your family’s health freedom. 

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