Idaho pushing Vaccines on 65 and older. Will our seniors receive INFORMED CONSENT?

Idaho pushing Vaccines on 65 and older. Will our seniors receive INFORMED CONSENT?

Starting Feb1 Idaho Health Districts will be targeting the more than 269,000 Idahoans 65 and older that will be “eligible” to get the vaccine.  Patient comprehension is a critical part of meeting medical ethics standards of informed consent. The laws in Idaho require that a person receiving medical procedures receive informed consent. The new “emergency use” vaccine has been manufactured in record time without long term data. During the ACIP meeting concerns were raised about recommending the vaccine to seniors when there were NO TRIALS conducted to determine safety or effectiveness especially on those who are medically fragile.

When a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee voted in December to recommend residents of long-term care facilities should be at the front of the line — with health care providers — for Covid-19 vaccines, the lone dissenting voice came from a researcher who studies vaccines in older adults.

Helen Keipp Talbot — who is known by her middle name — raised serious concerns during the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices about using the vaccines in the frail elderly, noting there are no data yet to suggest the vaccines work in this population.

All the U.S.-based Phase 3 trials of Covid vaccines have to include people 65 and older. But none has specifically tested the vaccines in people who are in long-term care. One can’t assume findings in people over age 65 who are healthy enough to be accepted for a clinical trial are indicative of everyone in that demographic, she said.

Are vaccine recipients being TOLD about the vaccine reactions that are being reported including more than 329 deaths FROM the vaccine?

#MedAlerts #COVID19 #VAERS Reports as of 1/22/21 

> 329 Deaths

> 9,845 Adverse Events

Search Vaccine Reactions Using #MedAlerts: A Powerful #VAERS Database Search Engine hosted by #NVIC. 

Introduction: How to Use MedAlerts HHS – Guide to Interpreting VAERS Data

Do Recipients realize that Vaccine Reactions are Underreported?

“Underreporting” is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.”

This system has been shown to reflect ONLY 1% of actual reactions!

The technology was created for an automatic surveillance system for vaccine reactions but was abandoned when it revealed that vaccine reactions/ adverse events were 100 fold what was reported in the voluntary system.

Numerous reviews of VAERS have found that only a tiny fraction of vaccine adverse events are reported. For example, an HHS-funded review of vaccine adverse events over a three-year period by Harvard Medical School involving 715,000 patients found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” Find out more at Vaccine Safety Paper 

#NVIC #VaccineFreedom #InformedConsent

Do Recipients realize that families sharing their Vaccine Reactions are been Censored?

This whistleblower at a care facility for the elderly says his patients, the residents at the care home he works at, are suddenly dying or losing their ability to walk, to speak, etc.. They did not have any deaths at their care home in all of 2020. And now 14 since they started giving the vaccine.

This report below comes out of New York.

What if YOU have a reaction to the vaccine? What if its discovered that it wasn’t as safe or effective as they claimed? You can’t sue. You suffer the damage and it’s all on you and your family.

An experimental vaccine and pharmaceutical companies are protected from liability regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

“When the government said, ‘We want you to develop this four or five times faster than you normally do,’ most likely the manufacturers said to the government, ‘We want you, the government, to protect us from multimillion-dollar lawsuits,’” Dunn was quoted as saying by the CNBC.

They protected the vaccine manufacturer, the administrator, and anyone involved with creating or injecting the vaccine from liability. The Secretary of the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Alex M. Azar III, has granted the companies selling and those involved in virtually any other activity related to any COVID-19 vaccine immunity from liability for any injuries caused by these products.  Prior to his current position, Secretary Azar was a senior executive for a major pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly and Company, from 2007 to 2017.


Medical Experts & Opponents Faceoff on Senator Sanders’ Next Podcast – Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe? The podcast will premiere on Senator Sanders’ YouTube Channel on Friday, January 29, 2021 at 5 p.m. EST at the link below.

They say it can take months for some of the adverse reactions to show up….. who knows? Even years. That’s what happens when you unleash an untested vaccine on the population…..


Section 39-4501 – Idaho State Legislature

Purposes — Application. (1) The primary purposes of this chapter are: (a) To provide and codify Idaho law concerning consent for the furnishing of hospital, medical, dental, surgical and other health care, treatment or procedures, and concerning what constitutes an informed consent for such health care, treatment or procedures; and. (b) To provide certainty and clarity in the law of medical consent in the furtherance of high standards of health care and its ready availability in proper cases.

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