Idaho SENATE Health & Welfare Committee 2020

Idaho SENATE Health & Welfare Committee 2020

The bills that pertain to health freedom will come primarily from the health and welfare committees. This will be our first and most common point of contact. See the list below. Save it into your email so when the time comes – you are ready!!

COPY THIS LIST AND PASTE IT INTO THE BCC field of your email. This will send the email to everyone on the list/committee.


At this link you will find the Meeting Agenda for the Senate Health and Welfare Meetings as well as audio/visual of past meetings.

MEETINGS ARE HELD M, T, W, Th, 3:00 pm, Room WW54



Secretary: Margaret Major Phone: 332-1319

Sen. Fred S. Martin, Chair
District 15
Statehouse (208) 332-1407 (Session Only)

Sen. Mary Souza, Vice Chair
District 4
Statehouse (208) 332-1322 (Session Only)

Sen. Lee Heider
District 24
Statehouse (208) 332-1347 (Session Only)

Sen. Abby Lee
District 9
Statehouse (208) 332-1325 (Session Only)

Sen. Mark Harris
District 32
Statehouse (208) 332-1429 (Session Only)

Sen. Van T. Burtenshaw
District 35
Statehouse (208) 332-1342 (Session Only)

Sen. Regina M. Bayer
District 21
Statehouse (208) 332-1331 (Session Only)

Sen. Maryanne Jordan
District 17
Statehouse (208) 332-1352 (Session Only)

Sen. David Nelson
District 5
Statehouse (208) 332-1405 (Session Only)

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