New Idaho Broadband Task Force A Step Towards Fast-tracking 5G?

New Idaho Broadband Task Force A Step Towards Fast-tracking 5G?

Governor Brad Little has formed a Broadband Task Force to address the ‘internet-underserved’ areas of Idaho. This task force will make recommendations to the Governor about the best way to bring this technology to all of Idaho.  

5G touting more speed and less latency than previous iterations, the years-long migration will require an expansion of cellular networks worldwide to include millions of new antennas that will become the backbone of IoT (Internet of Things) and its billions of sensor-laden devices, from smart dust to smart cars. 

5G is being pushed heavily by the task force members and the industry. The Industry claims studies that show “no harm” focus on the thermal effects.  However, Independent studies show the harm is coming from non-thermal effects.  

We need to inform the Governor that fiber optics is the safest, most reliable, quickest and environmentally friendly option, and that we DO NOT consent to 5G.

CALL TO ACTION! #5MinActivism

If you have not done so already, I implore you to write or type out a letter and send to the Governor first, and to your Mayor and City Council as well. Make the most use of your time, you can copy the same letter for each individual!

While the industry likes to persuade us that there is no ‘conclusive evidence’ of health impacts from 5G /wireless technology, there is an alarming difference in the conclusions found by industry-funded research versus independent research.  In fact, there are over 28,000 studies that have shown clear biological impact from EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure.  Please see this website for a compilation of these studies: Please go here to see the health implications specific to 5G:

When coming to conclusions about the safety of this technology, it is imperative that our leaders receive input from third party, independent scientists WITHOUT industry ties.  Otherwise, they will not be receiving accurate, unbiased information.

Send information using the resource links listed below to: 

The Governor’s address is:
Governor Brad Little
State Capitol,
PO Box 83720,
Boise, ID. 83720

And you can send an email here:

THANK YOU so much for your work in helping keep Idaho an amazing and safe place to live. We couldn’t do it without you!! PLEASE PASS ON TO YOU FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

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Trusted Research Resources:

Sample Letter 5G:

Please do NOT allow 5G mini cell towers into neighborhoods.

The new 5G technology is untested, yet will place mini cell towers every 2-3 houses within subdivisions.  We know, and have know for years, that Cell towers cause cancer clusters.

WiFi is just not as safe as everyone is lead to believe.  Just like with Tobacco in the 60’s, industry studies are manipulated and scientists that speak out for independent studies are discredited and harassed.  Here’s what we know:

  • Children are particularly vulnerable.

  • Short term and long term effects of WiFi are real.  Cancer, insomnia, headaches, heart arrhythmias, are all well documented. Independent research is there in abundance.   Attached below are just a few sources.

  • Studies that show “no harm” focus on the thermal effects.  However, the harm is coming from non-thermal effects.  

  • Approximately 3% – 5% of people are moderately affected , with another 20-25% of people being slightly affected. Less than 1% of the population is severely affected, but the numbers are rapidly increasing with the exponential rise in EMF pollution****. Symptoms include,  but not limited to heart arrhythmias, insomnia, headaches, and inability to concentrate. Some studies even link infertility to cell phone use.

Americans should, first and foremost, be afforded “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  Those of us that suffer from the immediate health effects of Wifi are not be afforded our constitutional rights to live without fear and with harm.

Currently, I am living in a home that is “safe”.  As long as I stay out of the path of the smart meters in my subdivision when they are transmitting, I am fine. Should I step in front of them at the wrong time (1:17 pm, 5:17 pm, 4:17 am)  I am thrown into an irregular heartbeat. With 5G being forced into our lives, I live in fear that I will soon need to leave my home of 30 years and I do not have the financial ability to do so. Even if I could afford to move, where can I go?  5G will be everywhere.    How do I leave my home and my pets (I doubt I’d be able to take them with me), just so I can live with a normal heartbeat?

How can you ask that of me?

Please for the sake of your constituents, and for the children, do NOT allow 5G into neighborhoods.  You will be taking away one of our constitutional rights to live – just simply to live.  Pushing 5G on people – making all neighborhoods cancer cells and hot zones for the ill, isn’t right.  It takes away our liberties.

I would love to talk to you more about this.  As you can imagine, coming into your office would be difficult, though I will come if I need to You can contact me at my landline.




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