Idaho Vaccine Exemptions for School

Idaho Vaccine Exemptions for School

Does Idaho Vaccine Exemptions for School? YES! There are 3 Vaccine Immunization Exemptions for Idaho. Parents have a right to OPT their children out of some (or all) the state-mandated vaccines for daycare and school. The 3 exemptions for the state are medical, religious, and ‘other’.  

No shots, no school is simply not true!

The only thing necessary to evoke your child’s immunization exemption is a signed parental statement.

The schools ARE NOT required to tell you about your right to exemption. They will in fact, in addition to failing to disclose your right to a vaccine exemption, many attempt to bully parents into vaccination with forms and letters that indicate a child will be excluded from school in a specific time frame if they are ‘up-to-date’. 

Parents are responsible to know your rights and invoke them or you will lose them.

Idaho Code 39.4802 (2) permits a parent/guardian:

  1. The right to choose whether to vaccinate their child.
  2. The right to opt-out without explanation of objection. This form, created by the Health Dept. is NOT REQUIRED by Idaho statute. Its requirement contradicts the statutes

“Any minor child whose parent or guardian has submitted a signed statement to school officials stating their objections on religious or other grounds shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.”


    When supporting documentation is in the possession of school authorities, at the time of admission and before
    attendance, a child who meets one (1) or both of the following conditions, will not be required to undergo the required
    immunizations. (4-6-05)
  2. Life or Health Endangering Circumstances. A signed statement of a licensed physician that the
    child’s life or health would be endangered if any or all of the required immunizations are administered; or (4-6-05)
  3. Religious or Other Objections. A signed statement of the legal parent, custodian or guardian on a form provided by the Department or one containing similar information, and includes the following: (4-6-05)
    a. Name of child; and (1-25-79)
    b. A statement of objection on religious or other grounds. (1-25-79)

See the new administrative rules for schools and daycares.

Example of Parent Signed Statement for an Immunization Exemption

You can fill out form if you prefer it is NOT required by statue.

Health Freedom Idaho is resolved in stopping the deliberate attempt of the schools to violate parental authority to make health care choices and to protect the privacy of the medical information for their children. If you are having problem with schools who are not following law please contact us 

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