If you don’t comply, your life isn’t worth saving?

If you don’t comply, your life isn’t worth saving?

At an emergency board meeting today, the Board of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare approved  a temporary administrative rule that allows for the timely activation of crisis standards of care during a pandemic, natural disaster. or other emergency that is overwhelming Idaho’s healthcare system.

There was NO PUBLIC NOTICE of this emergency meeting and the vote did not involve the public.

According to the Health and Welfare Website: “Crisis standards of care are guidelines that help healthcare providers and healthcare systems decide how to deliver the best care possible under the extraordinary circumstances of a disaster. Crisis Standards of Care Guidelines would be used when resources are insufficient to provide the usual standard of care to people who need it.

Directory of the Health Department (NOT a medical doctor) Determines Priority of Medical Treatment

Under the rules approved by the board Friday, in the event there’s an emergency that makes health care resources scarce, the Department of Health and Welfare director would have a central role in on-the-ground healthcare decision-making. It would be up to him to convene a panel that would decide whether medical facilities could begin rationing care according to a state-approved formula. Members of the panel include representatives of the Idaho Hospital Association, “healthcare entities,” and long-term care facilities. The panel would also include employees of the Department of Health and Welfare, public health districts, and anyone else the director might deem appropriate. https://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/news/board-health-and-welfare-adopts-rule-timely-activation-crisis-standards-care

Idaho Freedom Foundation makes this point:

This unwise decision puts state agencies in the middle of a discussion that could easily be managed by the medical providers themselves. There’s nothing stopping the state’s hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners from collaborating in an emergency, sharing intel, and resources. The Department of Health and Welfare board, the department, and its director shouldn’t be part of the discussion. They’re not needed. https://idahofreedom.org/crisis-standard-of-care/

Idaho Media asks this question: “Will people who follow COVID-19 rules get priority?

”Stop and really think about that question. Will people who wash their hands and stay 6 feet away from others get priority? Is that what they’re asking? Or, are they asking if those who wear the uniform, those who willingly comply, those who follow the narrative are more worth saving than those who don’t. Never mind that obesity is the number one co-morbidity.

I was at Wal-Mart the other day (I know, I know, but I needed butterfly bandages and it was the only place open) and observed a woman who was so obese she couldn’t walk. She had one of those carts to get around and in that cart were non-food items that taste good to her and definitely contributed to her obesity. But, she was wearing a d*** mask.

Meanwhile, my family takes responsibility for our health. We’re all very healthy, none of us are on any kind of prescribed medication, we spend the extra money to buy fresh veggies and fruit and grass-fed beef (organic, too, when we have the option). We are active and fit. We are clean. We respect people’s “bubbles” and stay 6 feet away. We aren’t clogging up the medical system because we have no reason to be there. But, we don’t wear the d*** masks.

I ask you to read what the media is asking because it’s only a question now, but they want it to be an edict: If you don’t comply, your life isn’t worth saving. Period.

Legislators, please take this seriously and stop this madness.

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