IDAHO 2018 School Enrollment: No Shots Mandated. No Form Necessary.

IDAHO 2018 School Enrollment: No Shots Mandated. No Form Necessary.

As you begin to prepare for the new school year, remember that #parentscalltheshots. Contrary to the health and welfare generated school materials presented to parents at registration children CAN enroll in school without vaccines. Idaho has three vaccine exemptions religious, medical or philosophical. Idaho rules changed this year to line up with the statute a HUGE WIN for health freedom. Schools must accept a parent signed statement to invoke religious or philosophical exemptions. We repeat! The “immunization” exemption form is NOT REQUIRED! You can enroll your child in school as ‘exempt’ from the required school vaccines with a parental signed statement per Idaho statue 39-4802 -2.  

Idaho Statute 39-4802(2) permits a parent/guardian:
 1. The right to choose whether to vaccinate their child
 2. The right to choose to participate or decline participation in the state vaccine registry system (IRIS).
 3. The right to opt out without explanation of objection.  


Here’s an example that a parent used for enrolling her elementary student. Printable PDF copy.

Is you child’s vaccine status in the tri-state database? A child born in Idaho is automatically entered into Iris without written consent. At each doctor’s visit and school enrollment your child’s information is updated for government tracking. Prefer not to have your child’s information stored by the government? OPT OUT.

What’s wrong with the form? Simply put they are using your child’s private medical information to drive their sales and increase their profit. When you allow your child’s vaccination exemption status to be tracked you are participating in the marketing campaign designed to target your family as ‘public health enemy’ number one.

Superintendent confirms that vaccine exemption form is NOT REQUIRED for school enrollment

If vaccines are safe and effective -Why are parents opting out?

Parents have been empowered with information and truth. Reading vaccine inserts, reviewing ingredient lists and looking at scientific journals that accessible to the public. They are realizing that there are a lack of scientific studies for safety and effectiveness of vaccines. They are waking up to the truth that vaccines permanently damage, injure and cause death to children and adults. Families who suffered intense loss have NOTHING to gain by sharing their stories except the hope that their loss will prevent further destruction of the health and lives of other children.

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