Into The Lion’s Den Speaking Truth to Power

Into The Lion’s Den Speaking Truth to Power

Into the lions den they went,surrounded by the most powerful special interest group in America. These brave handful of mothers spoke truth at the ACIP meeting June 2018. This appointed 14 member committee is responsible for the recommended schedule of vaccines for children and adults in the USA and now includes 18 different vaccines given in about 62 doses during a child’s first 18 years of life.By 18 months of age this committee recommends a child receive 34 vaccines. < details of the CDC schedule,> They presented the panel with some tough and well thought out questions and shared some heartfelt truths.


They have been there and have now done the research. If you think these decisions for the cdc vaccine schedule are made with all the facts, data, and with proper safety studies by experts who wouldn’t put us at risk, well then, you need to attend these ACIP meetings. Your jaw will drop to the floor. We ARE the experiment, and then the life-long pharma customer. It’s a great business model. – Shannon Lynn

A few of the public comments brought up over the course of the two days:

  • The science isn’t settled because every child is a different control. Every child is not going to react the same. The ingredients in your vaccines are not the same ones your children got. The number of vaccines you got is much less than what you agreed to for your child. 
  • Vaccines were tested against OTHER vaccines in safety studies, not against a sterile saline placebo.
  • Safety studies are limited with no long-term review of outcomes. Lack of long-term safety testing Hep B vaccine


This is absolutely essential information that needs to be delivered to every parent making vaccine decisions. There are complex non-specific effects from vaccines. For the lay person, that means, there are unintended consequences. Yet, the ACIP, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, the HHS, the IOM, the AAP, the AAFP, ACOG, and other esteemed institutions, which claim to promote and protect health, ARE ALL IGNORING powerful evidence of harm. This behavior has been well entrenched. More and more solid research and evidence is being reported and should be raising serious concerns about the combination of vaccines given, the amount of aluminum in the schedule, the role of human fetal cell contamination, and the serious consequences of giving vaccines to premature babies, etc. Yet all these austere bodies continue to support this enormous toxic burden foisted upon the bodies of babies and children.

It truly must stop. It must be re-evaluated. Yet I felt as if the 14 members of ACIP barely listened to my comments. Will they continue to remain wilfully ignorant of the harm being inflicted on far too many children?  Their two day agenda included discussions of many more vaccines they want to introduce, including a 3rd MMR vaccine because they admit that the vaccine is NOT WORKING! Cutting back or analyzing their current recommendations seems far from a priority.

-Becky Hasting <Video Testimony>

As a member of a Vaccine Safety Education Coalition, Becky writes and speaks on the topic of vaccine safety.

The full testimony of public comments can be viewed

How much money is money spent (and earned) on a vaccines to save possibly one life? Japanese encephalitis vaccines

They are proposing a new Version of the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine. Strongly recommended for ALL travelers and expatriates going to Asian countries for one month or more. When there have been 12 cases of JE in 19 years and the risk of death is 33% in that less than one case per year.

The study compared vaccine to vaccine, and it took over 220,000,000 people who are vaccinated to prevent one death.

The cost of this strongly recommended vaccines is around $650 million to (possibly) prevent one death and $569 million to (possibly) prevent one case.

Where do you think the funds to produce these unnecessary vaccines come from??? 

These are the top vaccine scientists and advocates and none of them see an issue with these numbers. Only a new vaccine that can be pushed onto travelers to generate profit. Never mind that the likelihood of contracting this illness is .25 per million!

Talk about waste!

This proves once again that the CDCs, and ACIPs ultimate goal is pushing pharmaceutical product. These are the organizations we are to trust to set our children’s vaccine schedule. If they recommend it, it must be necessary. Think again. – Shalee Brindley

Background information:

This is the public announcement made prior to the meeting:

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
Doc@83 FR 19065

held on 6/20-21/18
Matters to be Considered:
The agenda will include discussions on Influenza vaccines, anthrax vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccines, human papillomavirus vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines, zoster vaccines, pertussis vaccines, and mumps.
A recommendation vote is scheduled for Influenza vaccines, anthrax vaccine. A tentative vote is scheduled human papillomavirus vaccines.
Agenda items are subject to change as priorities dictate

The public is welcome to submit written comments in advance of the meeting. Comments should be submitted in writing by email to the contact person listed below. The deadline for receipt is June 11, 2018. Written comments must include full name, address, organizational affiliation, email address of the speaker, topic being addressed and specific comments. Written comments must not exceed one single-spaced typed page with 1-inch margins containing all items above. Only those written comments received 10 business days in advance of the meeting will be included in the official record of the meeting. Public comments made in attendance must be no longer than 3 minutes and the person giving comments must attend the public comment session at the start time listed on the agenda. Time for public comments may start before the time indicated on the agenda. The meeting will be webcast live via the World Wide Web; for instructions and more information on ACIP please visit the ACIP website:

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