Is the CDC Making Baseless Anti-Science Recommendations?

Is the CDC Making Baseless Anti-Science Recommendations?

This is a response to a recent Health District Board Meeting by a local Idahoan:

Thank you, Mr Labrador, for addressing the issue with the CDC making baseless, anti-science recommendations. The CDC has lost a great deal of respect over this issue. It is wise to not follow suit. However, while addressing this issue Mr. Ladrador also uses CDC proclamations to make a point that the unvaccinated are responsible for hospital admissions. This is very misleading. Please, educate yourselves on how the vaccinated are being classified under CDC standards.

The CDC states, “In general, people are considered fully vaccinated: ±

2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or

2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine

If you don’t meet these requirements, regardless of your age, you are NOT fully vaccinated.

Keep taking all precautions until you are fully vaccinated.”

Therefore, those who are not “fully vaccinated” AND outside the prescribed two-week vaccination window, are counted as unvaccinated. This is deceptive.

Why can’t the CDC be transparent and add a third category of partially vaccinated if they do not wish to categorize a vaccinated person who is under two weeks post-vaccine? How do we know that newly vaccinated people are not the patients currently admitted to the hospital? After all, we are using an old vaccine for a variant it was not designed to protect against.

Secondly, the CDC stopped counting vaccine breakthrough cases in May 2021. *cases of COVID in the vaccinated.

  • This was roundly criticized by scientists and doctors. Many shared the same concern in neglecting to follow the real data and ensure we are protecting our most vulnerable population. If the vaccine cannot stop transmission, how can we protect the vulnerable? Will we create more variants with a leaky vaccine and will these strains negatively impact our children?

    Thirdly, data collected is year-to-date. This is a major issue in that the CDC is muddying the data by counting unvaccinated persons before the vaccine was widely administered.

    “Two-thirds of 2021 cases and 80 percent of deaths came before April 1, when only 15 percent of the country was fully vaccinated, which means calculating year-to-date ratios means possibly underestimating the prevalence of breakthrough cases by a factor of three and breakthrough deaths by a factor of five. And if the ratios are calculated using data sets that end before the Delta surge, as many have been, that adds an additional distortion, since both breakthrough cases and severe illness among the vaccinated appear to be significantly more common with this variant than with previous ones.” Confounding the issue by ignoring these problems does not impart confidence among the public.

  • What are the real numbers of breakthrough cases?

    The CDC’s failure to track and monitor this requires us to look at other countries with large vaccine administration. Are countries with high vaccine uptake like Israel fairing better than us? A report showed that “ Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection.”

  • Why are we ignoring natural infection protection?

    Many of us have recovered and the public is benefiting from our robust immunity against the Delta variant and future covid strains.

    Lastly, I encourage the board to reflect on their impact on the local community. The impression in the community over the last year was that CDH was unorganized, parroting misleading CDC guidance. Many of you do not have medical credentials and the best you can do is look to professionals for input. As we have seen, science is always changing.

    Today’s guidance is based on fleeting data that will be updated and evolving tomorrow. Do you really feel comfortable making definitive proclamations based on rapidly changing data? The public has access to the same information you do. We can make decisions for ourselves.

    Please, consider slowing down on your recommendations and recognize your limitations. Perhaps your next announcement can address your new restriction of power to an advisory role in House Bill 316.

    Thank you for your time,
    Idaho Citizen


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