Is there a RISE in vaccine exemptions in Idaho? CDC SAYS NO!

Health Freedom Idaho is proud to bring change to the Idaho Department of Health’s illegal department’s immunization form. We are honored to support parents as they take a stand against coercion and discrimination happening at school districts across the state attempting to illegally bar their children. 

However, it can not be said that we increased the rates of vaccine exemptions in Idaho. 

There has been NO significant increase in vaccine exemptions. The CDC reports that come directly from our Idaho Health Department figures, reflect that the rate of vaccine exemptions remains fairly steady without a rise or dip in the past decade. So even with the enormous state growth, the rate of vaccine exemptions remains constant. Even if vaccine exemptions had in fact risen, that would be attributable to more parents making an informed decision about vaccination. If vaccination is so safe, parents would choose to vaccinate, not need to be compelled.


Don’t let them fool you about “HOTSPOTS” of vaccine exemptions

Yes, there are parents who opt out of some or all of the required school vaccines. Recently their voices have grown stronger as parents are realizing that their right to opt-out of vaccination has been trampled on for quite some time.

Media wants the ‘under-vaccinated’ child to be labeled the source of all “outbreaks”.  It begs the question, “What about under-vaccinated adults?”

The new “hot spots” study was authored by a vaccine industry insider (Dr. Peter Hotez) who is a patent holder of vaccines, and fails a really simple test: it never contemplates the vaccination status of any ADULTS in these hot spots, despite the fact that they represent 76% of the population, are known by the CDC to have low vaccination rates, and the fact that vaccines wane over time. Why is the media so credulous to these industry-sponsored scare pieces? Read More

Fear-mongering a set up for vaccine mandates?

First, create the problem, then present the solution. That is how marketing works right?

First, they used the tracking of your child’s vaccine record to ‘create’ a threat. Their solution has already been declared – reduce vaccine exemptions and create vaccine mandates. Those who profit from their liability-free vaccines want mandates just as they have in California. Imagine the $$ signs dancing in front of their eyes – their product forced on every schoolchild without any loss from damages or injury.  In 2014 the global vaccine market was worth over 32 billion dollars and was expected to reach over 59 billion by the year 2020. (Those damages are paid from the taxes added to each vaccine.)  

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Hotspot ‘study’ Hoax

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There is Risk. There must be Choice.

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