Its Almost “Flu Shot Season”

Its Almost “Flu Shot Season”

It’s almost the beginning of ‘flu season’ or as I like to call it ‘flu shot season’. Viruses don’t know what time of year it is, but the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC certainly do.

Watch for the dire warnings to begin any day now: it’s the worst flu season yet, supplies of flu vaccines are low this year, deaths have started already, etc.
Fear sells flu shots, because if you look at the facts getting a flu shot makes no sense…even if you truly believe in the popular Germ Theory where invisible viruses and bacteria are trying to kill us, yet to protect ourselves we need to inject ourselves with viruses and bacteria !! 

In which reality does it make sense to fear flu viruses, yet in order to protect ourselves from the more than 100 types of influenza viruses we must inject ourselves with only 3 strains of influenza type A and B, and one strain of H1N1 (swine flu). Did you know the swine flu virus is in all flu shots now since the ’09/10′ season? 

If you say, ‘but I get a flu shot every year and don’t get the flu’! I must respectfully say that correlation does not equal causation.

 What is keeping you healthy is your own body and immune system. Health can NEVER come from the outside, it is created within.
What can you do to stay healthy this fall and winter? (aka SUGAR season?):
– get enough sleep each night
– keep stress under control
– exercise (we sit around a lot during the winter due to loss of daylight and cold weather)
– expose your body to sunlight (we get little to no sun during the winter, which is a primary cause of disease)
– supplement with vitamin D3 (at least 2,000 iu’s and up to 5,000 iu’s in areas with less light if you’re not getting enough sun)
– supplement with vitamin C, at least 1,000 mg daily (and at least 3,000 mg 1-3 times daily when not feeling well)
– eat healthy and organic, unprocessed food
– drink more water (instead of coffee, soda and alcohol)
– limit your processed sugar intake during the party season of October-April
– limit your toxic intake from junk food, unfiltered water, and the environment 

– stay away from flu shots! (you are injecting a cocktail of immune compromising substances and a weakened immune system is more susceptible to the diseases you’re trying to avoid; ever wonder why you don’t get the actual flu, but are sick with a cold, stomach bug, strep throat, ear infections, etc.? Your immune system is now ‘down’)

More on the risks of the FLU SHOT. 

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