Its the war against our children

New study this week reveals 1 in 36 American children with autism. 1 in 28 boys. An 147% increase in just a decade. This is our children's generation. This generation will be our children's wives, husbands, legislators, care takers, teachers, farmers. Who will care for these children when they outlive their parents? It feels like a war is waging against our children. A war tactic that strategists believed most effective was to hobble the country by leaving broken, maimed bodies that the rest of the population had to care for. It takes 2 healthy people to care for every maimed or disabled person. We are quickly reaching the point in the US that those of us not disabled by toxicity will spend every productive hour caring for those that are. If that's not an effective war strategy against the people of the US, I can't imagine a better one.

The National Health Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has released a new report featuring the parent survey rates of developmental disabilities including autism (1.)  This report should raise serious concern. Here is what the report found. While the CDC claims the rate of autism dropped to 1 in 68 from 1 in 45 a few years back, NCHS data suggests they were lying all along.

“The previous 2014 survey demonstrated the rate of autism at 1 in 45 (2.24% of the U.S.  population.) In 2015, this has risen slightly to 1 in 43. This 2016 survey shows the highest rate ever recorded – 1 in 36 children (2.76%).”

1 in 36 children in America now have autism. 80 percent of them are boys.

At what point do we wake up and demand our regulatory bodies start doing real science to confirm what hundreds of thousands of parents already know to be true?? Vaccines contain human DNA, once added to the 'vaccine schedule' 

1 in 36

At what point do we as a nation stand up for the health of our children?

1 in 36

At what point do we as a nation take the health of our children in to our own hands and say, ‘We can do better.’

‘We WILL do better.’

1 in 36

If you think it’s better to accept this, If you think this is happening naturally, this would be a first in human history. 

We can stop this out of control blazing train dead in it’s tracks today.
Determine why autistic teens have so much aluminium in their brains.

Data can be found here:

Another key finding included:

“During 2014-2016 the prevalence of children aged 3-17 years who had ever been diagnosed with any developmental disability increased from 5.76% to 6.99%”

That’s 1 in 14 kids.  1 in 14. This report is hard to digest.  My heart is in my throat. The rapid increase of prevalence of autism and developmental disabilities should stop any human in their tracks.I see it, in the classes I teach and in the groups of my children's friends.

These children aren't statistics, they are a generation of kids struggling and suffering. These are families uncertain of the future and concerned about their safety when they outlive us. 


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Vaccines trigger autism in genetically susceptible children
Autistic Teen has 10x the amount of aluminium in brain
Vaccines do NOT cause autism

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