Idaho is the "freest" state in the nation when it comes to healthcare freedom. Yet, we see freedom-loving bills get turned on a dime and become freedom-limiting bills in a single day. Our mission is to KEEP IDAHO #1 in Health Freedom through education, working with lawmakers, and building a collective voice of constituents.

We are doing all we can to protect you and your family - and we need your help. We are a volunteer organization and rely on member donations to keep the freedom march alive. The areas that we focus on protecting are: vaccine choice, natural food integrity and availability, holistic healthcare preservation, and clean air.   Whatever your reason for donating, we genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you!


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Are you a Health Industry Professional or Corporation? Please see our options for professional memberships and sponsorships.

About Us

Health Freedom Idaho (HFI) is an alliance of concerned Idaho citizens, healthcare professionals and families interested in preserving Idaho’s health freedoms. We believe that each person, parent or guardian should be free to choose how to stay healthy, creating their own path to wellness. Learn more about HFI here.

We would love to keep in touch, so please subscribe to our email newsletter so you can keep updated with health freedom news and action alerts. And every action we collectively take can move the needle. Thank you for your support!

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