Idaho is the “freest” state in the nation when it comes to healthcare freedom. Yet, we see freedom-loving bills get turned on a dime and become freedom-limiting bills in a single day. Our mission is to KEEP IDAHO #1 in Health Freedom through education, working with lawmakers, and building a collective voice of constituents.

Health Freedom Idaho is dedicated to preserving health freedom.  
HFI works tirelessly to educate on clean water, clean air, vaccine choice, clean food, environmental toxins, and most importantly, parental rights and natural rights. We work to bring information to the public to further the discussion on the dangers of the toxins all around us, how Idahoans can protect their families, and how to become active in defending our rights in choosing the health and healing paths we want for our families. 

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If any of these issues are concerning to you and you feel called to get involved helping us defend the Republic in the health freedom realm, we invite you to JOIN US! 

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