Keep Our State Sovereignty NO on SJR101 and S1017

Keep Our State Sovereignty NO on SJR101 and S1017

SJR101 and S1017 grants authority to an unelected federal alphabet soup bureaucracy over drug policy in the state. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

At least one Republican Senator, Christy Zito (Hammett), spoke against the measure. Zito said that the legislature can’t legislate temperance and morality but said she is personally against using recreational drugs.

Zito went on to say,

I just think that as we approach this, we need to be careful that we honor the choice of the individual, that we are careful not to combine policy with [the] constitution.

Senator Christy Zito

Sen. C. Scott Grow (R-Eagle) the bill’s sponsor said the measure was necessary to protect Idaho’s families. Grow listed off a number of reasons he is bringing the proposal forward.

This proposes an amendment to the Idaho Constitution prohibiting the production, manufacture, transportation, sale, delivery, dispensing, distribution, possession, or use of certain psychoactive drugs. 

Grow listed as one of the reasons,

This amendment will allow Idahoans to choose for themselves whether they want to live in a drug-free state, free from drug culture, or not.

Senator C. Scott Grow

Grow continued with seven total reasons and said that burdens and risks to law enforcement. Grow addressed a number of questions in his opening statement, including saying that having the FDA listed in the amendment is not a concern.

Grow also said that CBD oil would not be illegal under SJR 101 citing several attorneys he had spoken to. (read more here: Idaho Dispatch )


Keep in mind that this is a constitutional amendment so the legislature is voting whether or not to add this to the ballot for voters.

What they don’t tell you is that the explanation of the issue on the ballot is essentially a commercial for the way they want you to vote. You would think that the information on the ballot would weigh out the pros and cons in such a way that the people, (with a pencil in hand) could make an educated vote, but it doesn’t.

This is how we got stuck with Medicaid expansion that ID cannot afford. Why would we change our Constitution to say psychoactive drugs are never allowed in ID unless the FDA says so?

Shouldn’t Idahoans have the opportunity to consider what is best for our great state?

What this amendment says is if the FDA says they want to have a “documented clinical investigation” using psychoactive drugs (Page 2 lines 9 & 10) on Idahoans, that’s ok.

But, if someone fighting cancer needs to use it medicinally that’s not ok?!? 😕 If passed, the amendment would effectively and permanently close the door for marijuana legalization via citizen’s ballot initiative.

Absolute waste of time, money, and resources. We should be focusing on keeping this state free instead of fueling the pockets of big pharma and changing the constitution to make something “more” illegal than it already is. You are punishing veterans and others who need medical marijuana and any other medications in the future to combat continuing pain.

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We need to keep the federal government from dictating what is good for Idahoans! Let’s keep Idaho sovereign.

SJR101 will be headed to the House State Affairs Committee. and then to the HOUSE FLOOR.

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Email ALL the Representatives here……/

Tell them to vote NO on the federal supremacy bill SJR 101. #DontBeAFederalSupremacist #5MinActivism


Another federal supremacy bill. This bill mirrors the FDA controlled substances scheduling and rescheduling decisions for 2020 including placing synthetic cannabinoids in schedule 1 while placing opiates in schedule 2. Idahoans should be making decisions for ID. Period.

***The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution says, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Let’s remind our senators of the 10th amendment and tell them to vote NO on S1017.

✍️ Senate email list ***This bill will likely be heard on the Senate floor tomorrow.

Read the bill here 🤓…/2021/legislation/S1017


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