Kootenai Health Director Threatens to Withhold Treatment from those Who Disagree Politically

Kootenai Health Director Threatens to Withhold Treatment from those Who Disagree Politically

Dr. Robert Burnett the Director of Surgical Services at Kootenai Health is proposing an alarming violation of medical ethics in his publish opinion post at the Bonner County Daily Bee. He is threatening to withhold treatment from individuals who politically disagree with him. This is extremely unethical and in doing so, likely criminal.

Threatening to withhold health care from anyone, singling out and threatening public officials by directing staff at Kootenai Medical Center and encouraging “all of his co-workers” to ensure care is not provided should be grounds for termination of Burnett and litigation for Burnett and KMC. 

Andrew Blancard – Redoubt News

Join us in reporting him this doctor to the State Medical Board of Ethics and complain to Kootenai’s Health Board.




“I realize that the pandemic is not much of a concern to those uneducated people who believe this threat is a “hoax” or “overblown,” but I want you to know that in the unlikely but possible event that either you or Sheriff Wheeler contract the coronavirus, and in the less likely event that you will require hospitalization, and even less likely but possible event that you would require a ventilator, that I, and all of my co-workers take comfort in knowing that, because of your behavior, you have essentially relinquished your claim to any of these potentially scare resources. It’s probably for the better that a ventilator go to a health care provider anyway,”

Here’s the opinion piece written by BY Dr. BURNETT

Opinions are opinions but oaths are oaths.  I am disgusted at the recent comments made by Dr. Robert Burnett, Director of Surgical Services, Kootenai Heart Health Center.   While Burnett is certainly entitled to his own opinions based on his knowledge of medicine, so are Rep. Heather Scott and Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, based on their knowledge of lawmaking and law enforcement.  But Burnett put his bloated arrogance on full display as he blatantly violated, in writing, the Hippocratic Oath he took to graduate medical school and become a licensed doctor in Idaho or anywhere in the USA.

Andrew Blancard – Redoubt News

Here is the link to print off and file a complaint with the state.

HFI’s Response to Dr. Burnett

Fact: While there is no doubt people are ill and many have died, Coronavirus has proven to be far less deadly than authorities have warned. Moreover, there is debate about whether the virus has been properly identified as Koch’s Postulates, protocols used since the 19th century to identify and determine the pathogenicity of an infectious agent have not been met. Additionally, according to the inventor of the PCR test, the test being used to putatively identify the virus the PCR test cannot be used to diagnose. Although it can identify a minute amount of genetic material such as a virus, it does not prove that that genetic material causes any disease nor that sufficient quantities of that material are present in numbers large enough to cause disease.


Fact: The curves for cases were declining before stay at home orders were put into place. The orders are not responsible for any declines being observed. https://www.professorhinkley.com/blog/why-is-oregon-still-on-lock-down

Fact: CDC is not a public entity and takes money from the pharmaceutical industry. 

Moreover, CDC grossly exaggerated the swine flu outbreak in 2009 and cannot be trusted. 


Fact: Models are not facts, they’re models. They are projections based on a myriad of assumptions that may be wrong as evidenced by the UK’s Imperial College of London whose models on coronavirus deaths were off by a factor of 50 when one excludes those who would have died during the year in any event. https://www.dailywire.com/news/epidemiologist-behind-highly-cited-coronavirus-model-admits-he-was-wrong-drastically-revises-model

Fact: No punch of any sort reached your face. We are all exposed to trillions of bugs in every moment of every day. What determines whether someone falls ill or suffers complications from an illness relates to how well nourished they are, how well-rested, how much stress, whether they exercise. No one touched you and you alone are responsible for taking care of your immune system.

People who disagree about the dangers of coronavirus or any virus are not uneducated simply because they disagree with you. 

response by Leslie Manookian
Executive Board of Health Freedom Idaho
Co Producer of the Greater Good

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