Lets take the confusion out of cleansing

Lets take the confusion out of cleansing. Colon Cleanse? Liver Cleanse? Parasite Cleanse? Lymphatic Cleanse? Juice Cleanse?  Sauna? EFT?  Water Fast?  Where does one begin? When your body is clean, it can absorb the essential nutrients it needs to heal and repair. You'll experience an improvement in literally every aspect of your health. David DeHaas, Colon Hydrotherapist, Natural Health coach at  will be clearing up the confusion about detoxing at the Natural Health Symposium July 21


Living Waters is best know for its 10 day recipe for Deep Tissue Cleansing and Detoxification using Colon Hydrotherapy and other natural modalities to heal the body. They support the body by offering the highest quality service in colon cleansing and additional healing methods. Learn more about their detox protocols by contacting Living Waters at  208-378-9911 or [email protected]

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