Let’s Talk About Immunization and Herd Immunity

Let’s Talk About Immunization and Herd Immunity
The Idaho public health department is insist in the need to have high vaccine rates in our children to protect the population and “maintain herd immunity”. Our state leads the nation in the right to choose to administer ‘preventative’ vaccines to our children. This causes many in the public health department to wring their hands in dismay over the state’s ‘lack of herd immunity protection’. 

What is your concern about the vaccine exemption form? SHARE THAT WITH ALL the Legislators on the Health and Welfare Committee. This week they were present for a meeting from the health department entitled immunization exemption. Take time to explain how the administrative policies fall outside the scope of the law and how they directly impact your family.
Here are 3 inconsistencies with the theory of vaccine induced herd immunity that need to be addressed:
1. Is the concept of herd immunity ONLY for our children? 
96% of the adult population in our schools and community are NOT up to date on the more than 32 recommended ADULT vaccines.
This begs the question can a ‘childhood disease’ distinguish age of the individual its infecting? As an adult, Are you up to date on all your shots?  Are you aware of what that means?
2. Immunization (Vaccine) Exemptions numbers are not accurate. The Idaho Health Department considers immunization exemption rates based on a FULL 36 vaccine schedule for our children. 
Concerns about 12% of Idaho families are opting out of the ‘chicken pox’ vaccine. Since 2000 to 2013, CDC reports that nationwide there were 68,453 reported chicken pox cases and an average of 19 Americans reported to die of the chicken pox annually. 
According to the limited death report data for the state, there were NO DEATHS in Idaho from chicken pox. 
in contrast there was reported 2532 serious reactions to the chicken pox vaccine across the country in those same years. Sixteen Idaho families suffered from serious injury or death from the CHICKEN POX VACCINE over the last 14 years. 
3. The herd immunity argument has always been inconsistent. On the one hand, the theory goes, people who cannot receive vaccines for whatever reason are protected from the disease through a high level of vaccination in the rest of society. On the other hand, the theory continues, parents who don’t vaccinate their children put the health of wider society at risk. 
There are SO MANY MORE concepts I won’t  take the time to discuss but I have provided links for further research.
Thank you for taking time to review these CONCERNS regarding the concept of ‘herd immunity’ and the violation of personal liberty. 
Chicken Pox Vaccine INCREASES rates for complication from Shingles: http://www.news-medical.net/news/2005/09/01/12896.aspx

Found: 2532 cases where “Vaccine targets” or :Varicella (MMRV or VARCEL)” and “Serious” and Vaccination Date from “2000-01-01′ to 2014-12-31:  http://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php

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