“Let’s Talk Detox” at Natural Health Symposium

“Let’s Talk Detox” at Natural Health Symposium

Let’s take the confusion out of cleansing. Colon Cleanse? Liver Cleanse? Parasite Cleanse? Lymphatic Cleanse? Juice Cleanse? Sauna? EFT?  Water Fast? Where does one begin? We’ll discuss the concept and process of detoxification and make it more approachable, practical and sustainable. 

When your body is clean, it can absorb the essential nutrients it needs to heal and repair. You’ll experience an improvement in literally every aspect of your health. 

 David DeHaas of Living Waters Wellness Center provide clarity to questions about detoxing. 

Join us at the Natural Health Symposium 
Saturday, July 21
10 am- 5 pm
Vineyard Boise

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