Who Represents YOUR FAMILY at the Capitol?

Your elected representatives are the individuals you want to take time to get to know personally as they are the ones with the power to shape the laws that directly impact your life and your livelyhood. 

Presently, the Idaho Legislature is composed of 35 Senators and 70 Representatives elected for two-year terms. The state is divided into 35 legislative districts, each represented by one Senator and two Representatives. This means that each voter has 2 State House Representatives and 1 State Senate per District.
Find out who your elected officials are by checking: 

Enter your home address and the three individuals who represent you on the State level will appear. Make sure to write down their contact information. Make an effort to meet them prior to the legislative session in January.

These Legislators will be in their home town (unless campaigning) until the beginning of the Legislative session in January and will have more time to meet with you before the session starts. Then many stay in Boise during our 4 month Legislative session and are very busy at that this time.

During the legislative session, HFI will send out Action Alerts requesting you contact your representative on proposed legislation. This will often involve a quick phone call or simple email. This shouldn't be the only time you are in contact with your legislator. Taking time to develop a relationship with your elected official off season will allow you the opportunity develop an open line of communication based on mutual respect.

It's a fact of life that every decision that affects health freedom is a political decision. Our elected lawmakers at the State Capitol determine everything from a doctor's ability to practice and prescribe supplements, children's ability to attend schools and daycares without forced medical intervention, the ability of small farmers grow and sell produce free of chemicals and toxins.  That's why its important that individuals to be active and reach out to legislators about the issues and the bills and making sure your voice is heard.
Below are some resources to help you become an effective citizen lobbyist:

Get your voter registration form here.

Need information on absentee voting? Absentee Voter Registration   |   Absentee Ballot

Not sure what district you’re in? Check the District 10 map here.Need to know where to vote? How about to check if you’re registered?
Want to make sure your absentee ballot was received? Click 

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