New Meningitis Vaccine Mandate for Idaho

Idaho, today they stole your liberty. They are celebrating how EASY IT WAS! They argued parents needed to be forced to speak to their child's doctor about this vaccination. We say, "Parents don't need to be manipulated by the government to make decisions for their children's health." The vaccine in question is for meningitis. A disease that affects around 300 people a year ACROSS the United States and an average of 3 people a year in Idaho. While serious, if you are part of the tiny portion of the population susceptible, it is hardly a disease causing a health crisis in our state. Yet, our health department proposed a rule to mandate AN ADDITIONAL vaccination for 30,000 of our high school students starting in the 2020 school year. 

Where's the freedom lovers?

Health Freedom Idaho created educational posts, sent emails and requested the public do the same. There were not enough voices, not enough emails, not enough momentum to convince the Health and Welfare committee that parents do not need a government mandate of a liability-free product. The health department told the committee only 9 people spoke against the mandate. The committee received more emails in FAVOR of a new vaccine requirement than against. 

While a once free people are distracted and slumber their freedoms and liberties are taken away, little by little, for seemingly good causes.

Yes, you can still opt-out of vaccines in Idaho. You could opt out of vaccines in California just a couple years ago, but in one legislative session it all changed. As they added this vaccine, they also did a word change from 'child' to 'student'. Every word matters when it comes to the statute and rules. One must ask WHY did they make that change? The answer is still pending.

Do we not realize that it is not an appropriate function of government to mandate treatments in order to force people to discuss with a doctor?

It's not about health. 

Do you realize that the ONLY people who spoke in FAVOR of this vaccine during the public hearing were those who have FINANCIAL GAIN to force another injection into our students? Pharma reps, the Health Departments and a doctor ADMITTING that she scares parents into the vaccine telling them it will protect their students during college campus outbreaks. She never mentions to parents that 93% of students who got meningitis on college campuses WERE VACCINATED WITH THIS VACCINE!

Do you realize that requiring 30,000 students to be injected with a vaccine will NOT bring us to 'herd immunity' and in fact the vaccination rates have gone up voluntarily for the past decade! 

MenACWY This vaccine covers only 4 strains of bacterial meningitis and 0 strains of viral meningitis in the vaccine, it's a guessing game, similar to the flu shot, on which strain you'd even be exposed to. Manufacturers say that the vaccine doesn't protect everyone. 

The vaccine, in creating an artificial immune response, actually leaves you more vulnerable to the more virulent strains of meningitis, not covered in the vaccine.

Two other facts: The vaccine has a 1% serious adverse event rate, meaning many more children will be harmed from the vaccine than would have gotten the illness. Also, it is just BARELY contagious. 98% of all cases are “sporadic” and NOT part of an outbreak. Whether or not you get it is far more dependent on your internal state than whether or not your neighbor has been vaccinated.

Debated and Passed.

After long debate, the rule proposal passed 7-6. Liberty did not prevail in the Health and Welfare Committee today. The consensus was parents need more motivation to see the doctor to discuss this vaccine. Those committee members who voted for medical tyranny were Representatives Chew, Rubel, Davis, Wagoner, Lickley, Gibbs, and Chairman Wood. 

UPDATED: Jan 31 it also passed by only one vote in the Senate Committee: Souza, Lee, Bayer and 

It was SO EASY for them to add THIS VACCINE to the requirements for the school schedule - there will be others. Are you ok with forced flu shots? How about the HPV vaccine for school? It won't stop. When will you start speaking up?

How about today? 1, 2, 3 emails! 

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Take 10 minutes and send an email

Thank our liberty-loving Representatives who voted against and spoke against this vaccine mandate: 

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