MTHFR Genetic Mutation

This genetic mutation (MTHFR) is one major reason why some individuals have an increased risk of vaccine injury. This is a major contributor to why some infants and toddlers die or become permanently injured within a week or two of their shots. The good news is that, while we used to think that our genes were static and there was nothing we could do about them, we now know that isn’t true! An emerging science called epigenetics shows us that genes can be both turned on and turned off!Learn more from Amy Myers MD

MTHFR is a genetic mutation associated with a risk of adverse events from vaccination:

But ultimately, MTHFR is not the problem. The problem is that when we vaccinate, we are essentially injecting children with poison in order to provoke an immune response. A genetically susceptible child who suffers severely or dies as a result of their shots would have remained healthy had they not been poisoned. Period.

Besides MTHFR, other genetic traits, and heritable burdens of toxicity, factors that can affect one's ability to detoxify are diet/nutrition, stress levels, and other toxic environmental exposures (in our air, food, water, body care products, medicines/drugs/vaccines, etc.).

Unfortunately, Americans have one of the worst, most unhealthy diets of any population on earth, we typically have high stress levels, our drinking water is not safe (in my opinion), our food is poisoned with pesticides and herbicides, we are being sprayed with toxic chemicals for mosquito abatement (among other sources of air pollution), our body care products are full of carcinogenic compounds (parabens, for example), and we are highly medicated and vaccinated.

So here I am.
I have one C677T mutation (50% detoxifier) and developed several health issues which impacted my quality of life, in my mid-20s, including an autoimmune disease. My son has two C677T mutations (only 10% detoxifier) and was injured by the few delayed vaccines he received as an infant and toddler. He's had food allergies, reflux, chronic intermittent abdominal pain, eczema, cognitive and motor developmental delays, tics, myoclonus, sensory processing disorder. My husband developed a severe autoimmune disease when he was 18, and although we haven't tested him, it is likely he has two mutations just as my son does.

THIS IS WHY, after getting my degree in toxicology, after reading and reading and reading some more, further educating myself on the science and occurrence of toxicity in our lives, on the science of vaccines and what's IN them, that I have chosen NOT to vaccinate. I am 100% confident in this decision.

Instead, I am focusing on reducing my family's exposure to toxic substances, decreasing stress, and dramatically improving the quality of the food we eat and amount of nutrition we receive through simply eating a diet nearly entirely made up of fruits and veggies (which have all been scientifically found to help the body detoxify and otherwise thrive).  - Ashley Cates

Educate yourself. The earth is a beautiful place to live, but our lives have become inundated with toxicity on all fronts - vaccines being the worst offender by far. Don't take that unnecessary risk. Despite the propaganda from the industrial-media complex, vaccines are not necessary, not truly even effective as we have been taught to believe they are, and only cause harm.

Read: Did Vaccines Eradicate Diseases in the 20th Century?…/

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