New Idaho Immunization Exemption Form It’s Better? NO! And Here’s Why.

New Idaho Immunization Exemption Form It’s Better? NO! And Here’s Why.

What about the NEW Idaho Health Department Immunization Exemption form? Isn’t it better?! NOPE. It is not. WHY? Here’s our very long-winded answer. 

Idaho statute 39–4802(2) permits a parent/guardian:

  1. The right to choose whether to vaccinate their child.
  2. The right to choose to participate or decline participation in the state registry system (IRIS)
  3. The right to opt out without explanation of objection. This form, created by the Health Dept. is NOT REQUIRED by Idaho statute. 
  4. Its requirement contradicts the statutes.

1. The “new” form requests information that is not required by statute in order to invoke your vaccine exemption. Section 39-4802 – specifically limits the information required by the State in order to exempt a child from vaccinations. Health Freedom Idaho still stands against the form. The state-prescribed form, based on IDAPA 16.02.15, is in violation of Code 39-4802 and 39-4804. The form developed by IDHW falls far outside the scope of Idaho Code 39-1118(2) and 39-4802(2).

A bill clarifying that the schools should accept a single lined statement from a parent was never heard, the committee chairman drawered it keeping it from being heard.

2. The Health Department is using the information gathered on the exemption forms for tracking vaccination status. Your child’s identifying information, as well as their private medical information, is entered by school officials (and doctor’s offices) into the Tri-State government tracking database.

Tri-State Vaccine Tracking Database – IRIS. This is of great concern to many parents who don’t want their child’s vaccination status tracked by government officials and ‘businesses’ that might ‘have interest’ in the information.

When do they need the vaccine status for HEALTH reasons? Well, in the event of outbreak parents will need to provide schools with proof of vaccination or a doctor’s note that the child has already had the disease. Otherwise, your healthy unvaccinated child will be banned from school until officials determine the ‘outbreak’ is over. Until such time your child’s vaccination status can and should remain private medical information.

3. So, why is this form pushed so strongly by the Health Department? MARKETING. Its used to create media campaigns AGAINST vaccine exemptions. These campaigns specifically vilified parents who legally invoke vaccination exemptions for their children. 

Bottom line: Yes the new form is still an issue and will be until the schools and Health Department COMPLY with the statutes in place. 

Many parents have successfully submitted a copy of the statute Section 39-4802 with a single lined signed parental statement invoking vaccine exemption on religious or other grounds providing only the identifying information their child’s birthday and name (as the statute specifies) to school officials and successfully completed enrollment. Should you choose to use the Health Department’s form and you leave sections blank – itis HIGHLY recommended that you CROSS OUT every section you are not completing. During online training videos the school officials were advised by the Health Department to fill out the information should the parents refuse.

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