The is NO Health Emergency in Idaho

The is NO Health Emergency in Idaho

“There is no health emergency in Idaho. The virus is being used to justify inappropriate emergency declarations by our Governor, who is behaving like a cruel and oppressive dictator with no limits on his destruction of the Idaho Constitution and the people’s God-given rights. 

The people of Idaho did not elect Brad Little to behave like a king or destroy our state.
He is doing both.

It is long past time that the emergency declarations and martial law he has put in place be ended. Deaths in Idaho attributable to CoVid19 represent .000039% of the population. Deaths from the economic destruction and depression will be far higher than from the virus. 

We demand that Governor Brad Little immediately end the state of emergency in Idaho.

We know the real threat to Idaho is the horrible impact of the tyranny Idahoans are living under. We demand Governor Brad Little, Director David Jeppesen, and all elected and appointed in Idaho’s Executive and Legislative branches of government respect and uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Idaho and the Constitution of the United States. 

Write, call, and email Governor Brad Little

Tell him you demand he stop this tyrannical destruction of Idaho. Tell him to immediately end the emergency declaration he is inappropriately using that is destroying Idaho’s economy and Idaho’s families.

Please contact his office at (208) 334-2100

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