NON-GMO Label and the Power of Your Purchase $$

NON-GMO Label and the Power of Your Purchase $$

NON GMO label has Idaho beet farmers reconsidering their GMO crops. This just goes to show the power of our purchases. 

“We have lost 15 percent of our customers who used to buy beet sugar and cane sugar interchangeably based on price, quality and delivery service. They will now not buy beet sugar regardless of the price because they want to be able to label their food products non-GMO.” 

Many Idaho farmers use a genetically modified seed that is resistant to certain herbicides, engineered by companies like Monsanto. Sugar beets account for 1.7 percent of Idaho’s gross total product and Amalgamated Sugar processes about 7 million tons of sugar beets a year, producing 12 percent of the sugar made in the United States, McCreedy said.

Conventional food producers say their products are safe, but the dangers of Round Up and other chemicals in food production are well known. The disease-stricken United States population has realized that conventional foods and dietary guidelines failed them. However, the word is out that organic foods make people feel healthier.

Many people in Idaho opposed to GMOs with legitimate concerns about the increase usage of herbicides and pesticides on the crops and their contamination of our ground water.

The issue isn’t just about whether it affects human health if you eat it. It is the entire corrupt business ecosystem around it, and the impact to the biological ecosystem around GMO fields.

A Pew Research Center survey found nearly 40 percent of adults believe non-GMO food is safer. There are now 36,000 products carrying a non-GMO label, McCreedy said.

Amalgamated Sugar plans to launch a national campaign about the science behind GMOs, but it is having a hard time convincing other agricultural companies to join its cause. It’s working with a Washington, D.C. firm on a $30 million-a-year media campaign and has reached out to trade associations representing other highly genetically engineered crops such as corn to raise money, but has only raised $16 million.

Instead of creating a marketing campaign perhaps they should LISTEN TO THE CONSUMERS!…/idaho-sugar-industry-pla…/

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