Nurses Fired over flu shot shown to be only 10% effective

This year's flu vaccine is only 10% effective... Get your shot anyway, they say (got to use up that stockpile they have)... Worse part is that a number of nurses are losing their job for not getting the flu shot, and those that don't lose their job have to wear a mask for the entire winter... Not to forget all the pregnant women who are being bullied to get the flu shot... This is beyond ridiculous.

"The flu vaccine used this year in Australia β€” which has the same composition as the vaccine used in the U.S. β€” was only 10 percent effective [...]"

β€œIs anyone paying attention? WHO EXACTLY BENEFITS FROM MANDATORY FLU SHOTS? <Hint: they have no a liability if you have an adverse reaction to the shot. They are anticipated to make $1.6 billion annually  with their less than effective flu shots>”

Idaho has a medical and religious exemption for flu shots. <See Sample Letter for Religious Exemption>


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