Why is “vaccine mandate advocate” involved in ‘faith healing exemption’ campaign?

Why is “vaccine mandate advocate” involved in ‘faith healing exemption’ campaign?

Dr. Paul Offit holds a Merck-funded 1.5 million dollar research chair at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, has stated that children can safely receive 10,000 vaccines in one sitting, and is the co-inventor of a massively profitable rotavirus vaccine called RotaTeq 1  which has caused serious suffering in the form of hospitalization, surgery,  and death to more than 1,000 U.S. infants 2.

Therefore, it is ironic that he (a non Idaho resident) has joined a Protect Idaho Kids campaign entitled “Let Them Live”3 which targets the current Faith Healing Exemption law in our state. Many citizens fear the removal of this exemption to be a slippery slope to the inevitable and insidiously motivated, the end goal to further the removal of other parental rights concerning the medical treatment of our children.

Offit stated in his December 15, 2015 video blog, that parents questioning vaccine safety hold “ill-founded beliefs.” Certainly the parents of the children that were dosed with Offit’s vaccine and hospitalized by this “preventive medicine” once held a firm belief in medical science. That is, until it killed or severely injured their previously healthy infants.

His books, lectures and television commercials assert his belief that any public outcry advocating Informed Consent is “a threat to public safety” and is “undermining modern medicine.” Clearly, he (and his massive financial incentive) is threatened by individuals doing independent research about the safety, efficacy, and necessity of modern, allopathic medicine.

In this video, he states that parents that choose not vaccinate their children in accordance with the entire CDC recommended vaccine schedule (which includes HIS vaccine among others) should be forced to relinquish their children to the State.  4 

A doctor, financially profiting from “preventative” medicines which carry the potential risk of permanent injury or death to our infants, wants to convince the public that he acts in the “best interest of our children” more than we do!

EACH AND EVERY PARENT should find this disconcerting.

Dr. Paul Offit has joined a Statewide campaign calling for changes in our state laws. It begs the question from Health Freedom Advocates, “Is Dr. Offit sincerely interested in protecting Idaho’s children or just self-interested?”

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