One Day this Nightmare Will End

One Day this Nightmare Will End

One day it will NOT be ok to segregate or discriminate against a child because of their medical status.

One day it will NOT be ok for doctors to bully parents into making medical decisions for their children.

One day it will NOT be ok for legislators to take money from the pharmaceutical companies as bribery for pushing their agenda against the will of the people.

One day it will NOT be ok to tell a parent they are crazy when they say that their child’s health deteriorated after a round of vaccines.

One day it will NOT be ok to use “tobacco” science to “prove” a pharmaceutical product is safe.

One day it will NOT be ok to censor the free flow of information in our society.

One day liability will be our back on the pharmaceutical companies.

One day ALL children will have free access to education.

One day parents will be listened to by their children’s doctors.

One day vaccines will be tested against placebos in double-blind studies.

One day legislators will work for the people, not corporations.

One day vaccine injury will be acknowledged by the masses.

One day a simple “no thank you” will be enough to opt-out of ANY medical procedure, including vaccines.

One day justice will come and the ones who knowingly hurt generations of children will be held liable and thrown in prison for crimes against humanity.

One day, this nightmare will end.

Until then, we stand our ground.
We hold the line.
We fight. ✊

photo used with permission Linda McDonald

We do what we must to protect our children from the madness of vaccine mandates.

And we do what we can each day to wake up one more person, share some truth, open someone’s eyes, touch another parent’s heart with our story, do what we can to shine light into the darkness.

Because darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that.

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