Open Enrollment Reminder Parents Only Need to Provide Written Statement For Exemption

Senator Foreman championed a bill for Health Freedom Idaho this year S 1227 to help families avoid the harassment that Sara's family experienced when they went to enroll their son for kindergarten at West Ada County school. Senator Heider has refused to allow a clarifying bill to be heard in the 2017 and 2018 sessions. With only 3 days left in the 2018 session, its unlikely that parents will have the clarified statute behind them this year during open enrollment. Reminder a parental statement is ALL that is required to invoke your right to vaccine exemption. The law does NOT require a religious affiliation. The law does NOT require a specific list of vaccinations that your child has/has not received. The law does NOT require acknowledgement of risk, benefits of exclusion from school. Be Aware! If you leave sections intentionally blank the schools administrators have been encouraged by Health and Welfare to fill out their Immunization Exemption form when parents leave sections blank.

Never sign a form with blank spaces! If nothing else draw a line through anything you don't want to fill out. You can also right "under duress" before your signature of you're being forced to sign something.

Idaho Superintendent confirms: Parents only need to write up a statement to invoke their right to vaccine exemption. Here is where you join Health Freedom Idaho. We are all in this together! 🇱🇷️

Sara's son was denied enrollment on August 23, 2017, by school officials in a West Ada County school on his very first day of kindergarten. <see article>
Her family had submitted their parental statement of vaccine/immunization exemption to the school in April 2017. Only three days before the start of school, officials demanded that the form provided by the Health and Welfare Department be completed in full without any modification.


With the support of Health Freedom Idaho, Sara received much media attention that forced the schools to acknowledge their error.  This Friday, September 1st, 2017, the family received correspondence from West Ada County's Superintendent admitting that the Health and Welfare immunization exemption form is not necessary for school enrollment.  

#HFIdaho and #ParentalRights for the WIN!!!! Health Freedom Idaho is here to support parents. It takes all of us working together to protect our parental rights. Please become a member or donate at

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