Parasites. Don't Feed The Worms.

Jill shares with her journey of healing from parasites that caused kidney stones and skin eczema. Embracing the adage, "Let food be thy medicine". She shares her journey of going sugar free, eliminating destructive foods and consuming healing foods after real relief wasn't found from allopathic doctors.
Find how how she began with Starting the Journey. Today she share with us about kids health and helping them to change their diet.

After taking on what seems to be the impossible, detoxing myself from sugar, I was faced with the echoing dilemma, “How do I take sugar from my kids?” and “Will life ever be the same?”  

The answers are quite complex but not unreachable.

It came to me after talking about it with my four year old.

NOTE: My kids love playing in the compost pile and seeing who can find the biggest worms.

I was talking to the kids about germs and invaders of the body and about how sugars feed them and out of my mouth came the question, 

“Do you want to feed your worms?”

This pretty much took care of the problem.  Of course he didn’t want them in his tummy.

I haven’t had much of a struggle with the kids since.  Praise God for simple things.  Kids are so amazing and if we take the time to teach them truth at a level they understand, they grasp it quickly and completely.

I wish it was that easy for the teenager and husband to grasp.  But the echo of this question works for the young ones for now.

Funny thing is, when my four year old now wants a sucker from the bank line he turns to mommy in public and says loud and serious,


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