Deceptive ‘Parental Rights Amendment’ will it hand over control of your children to federal government?

Deceptive ‘Parental Rights Amendment’ will it hand over control of your children to federal government?

Parental Rights Amendment is it a Trojan horse for government intrusion? The name, “parental rights amendment” (PRA), sounds so good!  A closer look reveals that by enumerating our parental rights and responsibilities in the text of our governing document we are actually delegating authority over our children to the government.

The Parental Rights Amendment actually strips parents of their God-delegated authority over their children, and transfers that authority to the federal government. 

See the rights LISTED in the constitution are those few and defined powers that the founders wanted to have power over. These powers ‘we the people’ granted to the government.

James Madison, Father of our Constitution, says in Federalist No. 45 (3rd para from end):

“The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which … concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

Do you see? We the People delegated only “few and defined” powers to the federal government over the Country at Large. These are the “enumerated powers” actually listed in the Constitution. 2

These enumerated powers over the Country at Large concern:

  • Military defense, international commerce & relations;
  • Control of immigration and naturalization of new citizens;
  • Creation of a uniform commercial system: Weights & measures, patents & copyrights, money based on gold & silver, bankruptcy laws, mail delivery & some road building; and
  • With some Amendments, protect certain civil rights and voting rights.

It is only with respect to the “enumerated powers” that the federal government has lawful authority over the Country at Large. All other powers are “reserved to the several States” and The People. 3

Parents have Responsibilities to their children, not “rights” over them. The Parental Rights Amendment would transform “families” and “children” from matters over which the federal government now has no lawful authority to matters under the total control of the federal government.

We have to undo the brainwashing that has happened to us. They have taught us to believe that laws protect us so that we will rally for them.  The Civil Government has no lawful authority over our families, our parenting style or our children. By adding and defining “parental rights” to the constitution, be default, adds power to the federal government authority over our children. If we give over our God-given authority over our children to the government, we can never get that back. Parents are supposed to provide for, care for, teach, protect, and educate their children. NOT civil government! The Parental Rights Amendment is a delegation of lawmaking power over families and children to the federal government. Congress may make whatever laws it pleases pertaining to YOUR children; the Executive Branch may issue whatever rules or orders it pleases pertaining to YOUR children – and under Section 3 of the Parental Rights Amendment, federal judges will decide whether these laws, orders & rules serve the government’s interest. If so, you lose.

The Ninth Amendment, or Amendment IX of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that states that there are other rights that may exist aside from the ones explicitly mentioned, and even though they are not listed, it does not mean they can be violated. Parental rights are our inalienable rights. It’s like my right to breathe. Some people may say that it adds to climate change so I should breath less often.  Am I going to request a law to protect my right to breath? No, because it’s my inalienable right to breath.  

Do you believe that our forefathers left parental rights out of the Constitution by accident? Did they forget? Did they not see the need?  I don’t believe that is the case.  I believe they were meant to be sacred and untouched by lawmakers and they made this point resoundingly clear by not addressing these God-given rights in the Constitution. If this is added to the Constitution our parental rights will be open for debate and interpretation. My belief is that instead of trying to legislate freedom (which is an oxymoron) we remember that We The People are the government and take it back. 

“There are two potential violators of man’s rights: the criminals and the government. The greatest achievement of the United States was to draw a distinction between these two — by forbidding to the second the legalized version of the activities of the first.”3

We’ve allowed scoundrels to represent us because we voted them in. I believe the way that we win this war is to hold to the rights that they fear the most, our God-given rights, and take back our government by voting in liberty lovers. When we battle with our God-given rights we are above the law made by men. If we succumb to their battlefield we will lose.

This may not be the popular opinion. It is not the quick fix that we all want but I do believe that it is the only way that we actually win.

Don’t be duped into giving your parental authority to the federal government. The Parental Rights Amendment is NOT the answer.

Miste Karlfeldt,
Executive Director

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