Parents Have The Power. They always have.

HFI: North American children are now the most vaccinated on earth. If the science is settled and toxins injected and consumed in our bodies are safe then why our today's children the first generation whose parents will outlive them? Where is the science that says injected aborted human DNA and animal DNA is safe for injection in our children's growing bodies? Where is the double blind studies showing that the current recommended CDC vaccine schedule safe? Did you know as a parent you have the power to change the downward health spiral for not only YOUR children but for all of North America?

Brittney Kara, health freedom author and activist, calls on parents to take a stand against the poisoning of their children by the pharmaceutical and agriculture industries in this June 17, 20017 speech at the Children’s March For Humanity event in Santa Monica, CA. | Watch the entire rally here:

Questions about vaccine safety and efficacy? Watch Vaccines Revealed, a 9-part docu-series:

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